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Due to their very high concentrations of active ingredients, essential oils are extremely effective in preventing injuries and contractures or alleviating pain and inflammation. They quickly penetrate the epidermis before diffusing into the bloodstream to act very quickly on painful areas. Indispensable for any sporting practice that requires muscles , tendons and joints .

Muscle is a fleshy organ composed of 75% water, 15 to 20% protein (myoglobin, myosin actin), 1% glycogen, 1% lipids and 1% mineral salts.

It is used for the proper functioning of movements, the stabilization of body positions, as well as thermogenesis.

In arthrology, a joint is the junction between one or more bones. Its function is to connect the bones between them, it is this which confers mobility to the skeleton.

There are several types of joints :

  • Synarthrosis (fixed / fibrous joints)
  • Amphiarthrosis (semi-mobile / cartilaginous joints)
  • Diarthroses (mobile / synovial joints)

The difference between a tendon and a ligament is that a ligament opposes a tendon that connects a bone to a muscle , while the ligament is made up of fibrous connective tissue.

To avoid muscle contracture , it is important to prepare the muscles for the effort :

  • In addition to a traditional muscle warm-up, perform a warm-up massage:
    Lie on your back, place a cushion under your knees, to relieve the lumbar region
  • Use very fast sliding friction and pressure, with sloshing of the muscle, which you empalm to "wake it up"
  • Always start with the legs to go up towards the heart, to also stimulate the circulation
  • Drink plenty of water, during and after exercise

The goal of the warm-up massage is to prepare the muscle for the effort, in particular by increasing the skin temperature.

Discover our new range of essential oils for massaging sensitive areas (back, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, etc.) in order to effectively relieve muscles in a natural way before and after exercise.

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