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Essential oils for cramps 

Essential oils for cramps

Discover our new range of essential oils to effectively treat cramps in a natural way

Muscle cramp is a sudden, involuntary and painful contraction of the muscles. It can manifest itself during an effort, just after this one, but also at rest. It is a very intense muscular spasm that persists. It is located on one or more muscles that stiffen at the time of cramp.

It occurs suddenly, lasts a few seconds or minutes and then disappears without any sequelae. Most often the cramp has no particular cause. It can however be favored by a lack of warm-up during a sporting event or a bad stretch afterwards, a lack of hydration, a lack of trace elements or minerals, certain pathologies, stress ... It is possible to relieve his muscles by stretching them; it is even better to combine this stretch with a massage with essential oils.

The essential antispasmodic and muscular relaxing oils: Tropical basil, Tarragon, Lavandin super, Rosemary with camphor, associated with the essential oil of Gaulthérie coated with the heating properties and analgesics, will be of a precious help in the prevention of a cramp or for relieve it.

For more information do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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