Phytosun Aroms Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil

Phytosun Aroms Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil

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GAULTHERIE Essential Oil is indicated to relieve muscle pain, due to osteoarthritis and period pain.


The Gaulthérie also called the Wintergreen or lying gaultérie is a bush with creeping stems which one finds in the Canadian forests, American and in China. These are the aerial parts (stems and leaves) which are steam distilled to extract the Essential Oil.

Bottle with codigoutte 10 ml or reduced price bottle economic size of 30ml

Gaultheria procumbens
op aerial parts
sb methyl salicylate
Origin: China

Properties of Gaultherie essential oil

The essential oil of wintergreen has analgesic, vulnerary and anti-inflammatory properties. It is anti-rheumatic, antibacterial and antioxidant. It is an antispasmodic and cough suppressant essential oil.

GAULTERIA Essential Oil contains a large amount of methyl salicylate which gives it powerful analgesic properties on muscle pain, cystitis or even premenstrual syndrome and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the pain of tendonitis, osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Gaultherie essential oil recommendations

We recommend wintergreen essential oil in the following cases:

- Tendinitis, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis

- Muscle cramps and contractures

- All conditions of muscle and joint pain

- Sluggish liver

NB: Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) is the synthesized molecule of methyl salicylate, present at 99% in the essential oil of wintergreen.

Gaultherie essential oil results

GAULTHERIA Essential Oil is an excellent pain reliever.

Tips for using Gaultherie essential oil

When applied to the affected areas, massage 2 to 5 drops diluted in vegetable oil or pure 3 times a day.

In children over 6 years old, use 2 drops 3 times a day.

Muscle relaxant cramp type action ; dilute the essential oil of wintergreen at 10% in arnica vegetable oil. Massage the affected area.

Possible use: Sore tendons (adults)
2 drops of Gaulthérie + 2 drops of lemon Eucalyptus + 1 drop of Peppermint + 20 drops of Macadamia Vegetable Oil, 3 drops of this mixture in local application.

Other possible use: Sore joints (adults)
1 drop of Gaulthérie + 1 drop of Helichrysum + 1 drop of Laurel Laurel + 3 drops of Macadamia Vegetable Oil, 4 drops of this mixture in local application.

Common uses: Wintergreen is used externally, in massage or friction.

Recommended synergies of Gaultherie essential oil

With essential oil of lemon eucalyptus and Scots pine.

Precautions for use of Gaultherie essential oil

- Do not swallow

- Do not distribute

- Forbidden in case of anticoagulant treatments

- Not recommended for people with cardiovascular disorders

- Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

- Do not use in the pure state (dermocaustic), always dilute

- Keep out of reach of children

- Do not use internally

- Forbidden to people allergic to aspirin and salicylates in general

- Not recommended for children under 6 years old

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