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Fat cellulitis , also called superficial lipodystrophy, is the appearance of orange peel spontaneously or as a result of pinching the skin. It is the result of a variant of the normal distribution of adipose tissue, increased in the skin of certain characteristic regions in women.

Cellulite is a granular mass, a deposit of fat in the thighs, buttocks and hips and the upper arms. Often, cellulite is the result of poor circulation of the blood and the elimination of toxins.

Cellulitis is therefore a visible modification or alteration of skin tissue.

There are three types of cellulite :

  • Fat cellulitis (abnormal accumulation of cells in fatty tissue located in the hypodermis)
  • Aqueous cellulite (adipose cellulitis with water retention)
  • Fibrous cellulitis (fat cellulitis with the presence of fibrosis), caused by an abnormal increase in fibrous tissue in a tissue or organ

Knowing your type of cellulite is therefore essential in order to find the most effective treatment.
Be careful, however, not to confuse cellulite, which in everyday language designates the “orange peel” appearance of the skin, with pathological cellulitis , which is an infectious disease causing inflammation of the subcutaneous tissues.

Cellulite is a completely natural physiological phenomenon. Fat cells called adipocytes (cells that store lipids) are stored under the skin tissue (in the hypodermis) and deform it. The skin is no longer smooth: it is said to have an “orange peel” appearance or to have dimpling. The causes of cellulite are numerous, however, it is estimated that heredity, diet, physical exercise, stress (closely related to lifestyle) or hormonal dysfunction can cause its appearance. The phenomenon of cellulite therefore results from an imbalance between the process of lipogenesis (production of fat in the body) and that of lipolysis (destruction of fat in the body).

The active principles of certain anti-cellulite essential oils allow them to drain, release fibers and accelerate circulation, 3 essential points in the fight against cellulite with essential oils.

In addition to essential oils, you can also turn to gemmotherapy to overcome cellulite .

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