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Essential oils against acne 

Essential oils against acne

Discover our new acne essential oil range to effectively treat your skin problems in a natural way. Acne is an infectious and inflammatory condition of the skin that is very common in young people during puberty, which is manifested by pimples and blackheads. It is more or less marked according to the sex, the type of skin or the way of life. Aromatherapy is a precious ally when you suffer from acne. The reason is simple: HE can address the different factors that cause acne. In addition, vegetable oils have a perfect match with the structure of the epidermis, which allows to gently treat the skin and prevent the appearance of nasty traces and scars.

The anti acne essential oils obviously have a role in the natural treatment of acne because they have proven time and again their strong anti-infective properties, combined with their anti-inflammatory and repairing properties for the skin.

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