Essential oils against insects 

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Don't you think that it would be good to permanently eliminate the chemical insecticides that you diffuse in your houses or apartments and switch to a natural method? Aerosol cans are full of products that are harmful to our health. There are precautions to take before diffusing the product such as putting away dishes, food, not spraying near surfaces as well as not staying in the room and ventilating well before returning there.

All plants produce molecules to defend themselves from their predators, and in particular from insects. Many seeds contain specially insect repellent proteins (globulins). Certain plants have long been used to repel or kill insects.

In Europe, plant insecticides experienced significant development between the two wars, before being eclipsed by cheaper synthetic insecticides. Large-scale crops of plants with insecticidal properties were carried out in the 1950s. These insecticides are extracted from various plants.

Skin repellents (also called insect repellents or "repellents") contain an active ingredient that repels most insects without killing them. They are used directly on the exposed parts of the body. Application to the face should be done without direct application. The application should be favored in the morning and in the evening, periods when the insect vectors of diseases are the most active. They should not be ingested or applied to the mucous membranes of the mouth or eyes, or to damaged skin.

An insecticide is a deadly substance to the insect that breathes it in, while repellents , as the name suggests, are intended to repel insects but do not kill them.

Some repellents based on essential oils have long been shown to be effective around the world. Used in preparations for the skin (approved with a government approval number), their repellent action has been confirmed by numerous scientific evaluations sanctioned among others by the Canadian Department of Health since 1942. Also the American FDA has confirmed their use. protective action for humans. Their harmlessness was reiterated by an important report in 1992. The essential oil of citronella, for example, has also been tested to ward off anthrax flies that bite pets.

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