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This spray helps repel mosquitoes and maintain your calm environment, if it soothes sting spray quickly relieves itchy skin sensations.

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Hear mosquitoes evolve around you is annoying and stressful, not knowing when they will sting and cause unpleasant reactions and stinging. The MOSQUITO SPRAY ARKO ESSENTIAL Arkopharma Laboratories, is a natural and immediate response to your problem, it naturally hunting mosquitoes and bites and stings instantly soothes the irritated area.

Description Arkoessentiel anti-moutiques essential oils

Essential Oil of Citronella Ceylon
Citronella is composed of elements naturally repellent against some biting insects, including mosquitoes.
Essential Oil Pelargonium graveolens
Geranium Egypt is composed of citronellol, a natural repellent against mosquitoes, which gives you a clean and quiet environment, most bites and stings it helps relieve irritation.
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea tree, soothes and relieves skin that has undergone a mosquito bite, it neutralizes itching and reduces the swelling of the skin affected.


This spray helps repel mosquitoes and maintain your calm environment, if it soothes sting spray quickly relieves itchy skin sensations.

Council use anti-Arkoessentiel moutiques essential oils

The spray evaporates in the air or on the skin:
Spray several times a day in the atmosphere.
Spray on exposed areas of the body and massage gently.
Face, drop a little care in the palm of your hands and apply to the entire face, avoiding eyes and lips.

Composition Arkoessentiel anti-moutiques essential oils

ARKO ESSENTIAL Spray mosquito is composed of essential oils 100% pure and natural botanically and biochemically defined citronella, geranium and tea tree (tea tree). Its assets are known to help repel mosquitoes and insects, and soothe bites and stings.

Caution Arkoessentiel anti-moutiques essential oils

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Presentation Arkoessentiel anti-moutiques essential oils

Spray 30 ml of 1

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