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Diffusers of essential oils fall into different categories, diffusers by gentle heat, by ventilation, by ultrasound, by micro-diffusion, or by misting. The important thing when deciding to order an essential oil diffuser online is to check the quality of the materials according to the modes of diffusion available in pharmacies. Indeed, it is strongly recommended by essential oil professionals (aromatherapists and aromatologists) to use pharmaceutical quality products at the risk of projecting unwanted substances into the air. These aerosols may indeed not be suitable for certain sensitive people.

Diffusing essential oils allows you to create an olfactory atmosphere and to gently enter the world of aromatherapy .

Diffusion of essential oils cold is preferred. It is that which makes it possible not to denature the natural active principles contained in the aromatherapy products.

We recommend electric diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers from Pranarôm.

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How to choose your essential oil diffuser ?

The essential oil diffusers are divided into different categories, the diffusers by gentle heat, by ventilation, by ultrasound, by micro-diffusion, or by misting.


The advantages of diffusing essential oils :

The atmospheric diffusion of essential oils presents two major interests:

  • the olfactory path allows a direct action on our brain via the nerve cells of the nasal mucous membranes. Thus the active molecules act immediately on our nervous system before diffusing through the respiratory and pulmonary sphere, then into the blood system.
  • the diffusion of essential oils cleans the ambient air by destroying harmful microbes or bacteria. It therefore plays a preventive role

There are many ways to diffuse essential oils , but not all are created equal: heat in particular alters the active ingredients and can even be dangerous by modifying their molecular structure. Also, forget about burners or other diffusers that use heat.

For more information, please ask your pharmacist for advice using the secure form .

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