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Doctor Valnet the founder of modern aromatherapy

Essential oils played an important historical role on the front lines of many wars, until the Second World War. In fact, military surgeons who operated on the wounded in difficult conditions and in disadvantaged areas, used a still as a first aid kit and prevented the risk of superinfection of wounds as well as treated many infectious and parasitic diseases using distilled essences. The military surgeon Jean Valnet , having worked in Tonkin during the Second World War, experienced it.

Jean Valnet (1920 - 1995) was a French doctor and military surgeon, who was one of the architects of the development of what has been called the French branch of aromatherapy, renamed phyto-aromatherapy. He is also the creator of the brand of aromatherapy products " Doctor Valnet ".

If René Maurice Gattefossé, chemical engineer, is undoubtedly at the origin of the name as of the principle of aromatherapy , his research was taken up, developed, systematized and marketed after the Second World War by Doctor Jean Valnet . The contribution of Jean Valnet is undoubtedly the dissemination of knowledge and teaching of phytotherapy and aromatherapy.
As early as 1948, he exhibited the results of his work on phytotherapy and aromatherapy in numerous medical publications and various works that had become famous. Thanks to his tireless work of "defense and illustration" of herbal medicine and aromatherapy , he was an actor in the renewal of public interest and certain doctors for these therapies.

Between 1971 and 1981, Doctor Valnet founded organizations intended to enrich scientific research and to teach this knowledge to practitioners. He wrote many books on the subject in order to make aromatherapy known to the general public. He created his own aromatic compositions and multiplied the studies on the anti-infectious and antibiotic properties of essential oils. This gave birth to the term “ aromatogram ” to designate the antibiotic action of an essential oil, a term coined by Doctor Maurice Girault in 1971.

Military doctor, surgeon, convinced humanist, lover of Nature, Doctor Jean Valnet devoted his life to what he called "the medicine of the total man".

Convinced of the benefits of medicinal plants, he was the first to clinically study the therapeutic virtues of essential oils and developed an unprecedented knowledge of aromatherapy.

His entire work and his teaching, known to specialists all over the world, have consecrated him “ father of modern phyto-aromatherapy ”.

Twenty years after his death, the speech, work and legacy of Doctor Jean Valnet have never seemed so current, so modern, so revolutionary. All over the world, after having sworn only by technical progress, people are becoming aware of the dangers of the chemical industry and of the preciousness of our environment, giving reason to what we called Doctor Nature.

Doctor Valnet and the Cosbionat laboratory

For more than 30 years, the Cosbionat Laboratory, directed by Marie-Thé Tiphaigne and based in Vendôme (Loir et Cher), has been developing and making available to the general public preparations with essential oils designed by Doctor Valnet.

With Jackie, her husband who has now disappeared, Marie-Thé Tiphaigne created the Cosbionat natural care products laboratory in 1981, around simple and essential values: love for nature and respect for people . It was to her who was his student for 13 years that Doctor Valnet entrusted the great responsibility of resuming the production of his famous preparations and of developing the range of 50 essential oils, rigorously selected.

In thirty-five years, the Cosbionat Laboratory has forged loyal links with its plant producers, thus contributing to the establishment of organic and sustainable agriculture in France and Europe, but also in developing countries, such as especially Madagascar.

All partner producers, certified organic, are subject to regular visits and strict agreement protocols, guaranteeing perfect harvest and extraction conditions and full traceability. Thus, low pressure water vapor distillation is carried out near the place of harvest in order to preserve the qualities of the fresh plant as much as possible. Our citrus essential oils are cold extracted by mechanical processes, without the use of solvents.

The AB label that you find on our packaging guarantees that Docteur Valnet essential oils are controlled and certified organic farming by an independent body approved by the public authorities.

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