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The Pranarôm laboratory

The Pranarôm Aromatherapy laboratory was founded in 1975 by Pierre Franchomme , recognized aromatherapist, author of numerous books dedicated to the use in medicine and naturopathy, of essential oils to treat the whole family on a daily basis.

After a gradual evolution of research, modern aromatherapy reached its maturity in 1980, the time when biochemists isolated the active principles of molecules. Doctors Daniel Pénoël and Pierre Franchomme , for their part, introduced the concepts of scientific aromatherapy and chemotype (chemical type) which consequently made it possible to bring the therapeutic properties of essential oils closer to the molecules composing them.

Doctor Pierre Franchomme , with the concept of chemotype, contributed to improving the identification of the active ingredients in the extracts used. From that moment on, science redoubled its investigations into plant science.

The quality of organic essential oils and PRANAROM vegetable oils have made the reputation of the Belgian brand, specialist in scientific aromatherapy .

The quality of Pranarôm HECT essential oils

Pranarôm organic essential oils meet the highest quality requirements ... Choosing a pranarom essential oil is choosing an essential oil 100% pure, and 100% natural.

Pranarôm is a world reference in scientific aromatherapy thanks to the quality of its raw materials. More than 300 100% pure and natural essential oils are presented to the consumer under the Pranarôm brand.

Each batch of Pranarôm essential oil is botanically and biochemically defined, then scientifically analyzed by gas chromatography.

Pranarôm does not compromise on the purity and the components of its essential oils .

The HECT label is the guarantee of this unparalleled quality.

Scientific aromatherapy at Pranarôm

Aromatherapy as it is offered by Pranarôm can only be practiced with products of constant and irreproachable quality. Pranarôm carries out physical and chemical quality controls. For each essential oil , physical tests such as refractive index analysis, optical rotation analysis, density measurement, flash point calculation, etc. are carried out. Chemical tests also: chromatography and mass spectrometry. The smell, color and texture also meet a strict standard.

Pranarôm works all over the world in close collaboration with producers and distillers of aromatic plants. This proximity allows Pranarôm to control the quality of its essential oils from the plant to the bottle.

In Madagascar, Pranarôm made a commitment in the early 2000s to growers in order to develop with them a responsible cultivation of aromatic plants and a traditional distillation that respects both the environment and industrial quality.

In 2009, Pranarôm initiated in Antsirabe a vast local development project which provides stable and fair employment to more than one hundred people while preserving the laboratory's responsible supplies of essential oils.

Pranarôm supports organic farming because it is the best for Nature. Whenever possible, Pranarôm formulates its products in organic quality and complies with the requirements of organic certification.

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