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Blend Essential Oils to Spread 

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How to diffuse the blends of essential oils

In winter, when viruses and bacteria proliferate in confined spaces, the blends of essential oils to diffuse are very effective in purifying the ambient air of our homes. To clean the confined air of our homes, it is advisable to air at least 10 minutes a day, even in winter. In addition to this good habit, you can also enjoy the healing properties of some essential oils to diffuse alone or mixed. Just remember that you should not exceed 20 drops of total HE for a diffusion in a room of less than 30m2.

If you like certain consensual fragrances like lavender and mandarin you can also combine them with the above-mentioned sanitizing oils: not only will they reinforce their antispetic effect, but they will also have a relaxing effect on you if you broadcast them on evening.

Precaution of use with the diffusion of mixtures of essential oils

Essential oils are active molecules and can have side effects. Their atmospheric diffusion is contraindicated in cases of respiratory allergies or asthma. Whatever the oil used, care should be taken not to saturate the air and avoid the use of the diffuser near a baby under two years, at the risk of irritating the eyes, mucous membranes and pathways respiratory. As always when using a substance as concentrated as essential oils, caution and moderation are required.

Do not hesitate to leave your comment on our health advice article " Warning on the use of certain essential oils ". For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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