Aromatherapy Diffuser Joy Aromatic Humidifier of PRANAROM essential oils



The Joy PRANAROM Aromatic Humidifier diffuser releases the various essential oil complexes into the atmosphere, which allows you to refresh, sanitize and deodorize your interior.

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Used for : relaxation, diffusion of essential oils, sanitation, natural deodorant, humidifier, air purification, air purification

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    Joy is an ultrasonic diffuser with an original and exclusive design! It lights up with a soft light and fits perfectly into your living spaces. Ideal in the office or at home. Joy will allow you to clean the air, relax or create an aromatic atmosphere as you wish.

    The Joy Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser from Pranarom Laboratories gently releases essential oils .

    The diffusion of essential oils in the atmosphere can have different virtues: refresh, sanitize, deodorize, ...

    The advantage of diffusing essential oils in a room is to take full advantage of their benefits on our body. Indeed, many essential oils are known to be beneficial for purifying the air , improving our breathing, or even releasing a relaxing or invigorating scent.

    Properties of Joy Pranarom essential oil diffuser

    Pranarom Laboratories have created the Joy Diffuser which guarantees micro-diffusion of essential oils without altering them and without causing irritation. Essential oils or complexes are dispersed very finely in the atmosphere without being heated.

    With its beautiful frosted white glass dome, the Joy ultrasonic and multisensory essential oil diffuser brings a note of freshness and color to your interior. Discover the pretty palette of luminous shades alternately or in fixed mode: depending on the atmosphere of your rooms or your mood, choose the color that suits you best, whether it is soft for a more discreet effect or more vivid for a note more colorful. And thanks to the aromatic mist that it diffuses, personalize the olfactory atmosphere of your living spaces: purify the air, create a relaxing and zen or more invigorating atmosphere.
    The Joy diffuser awakens all your senses!

    Tips for using the Joy ultrasonic aroma diffuser

    Pour the complex or essential oil through the funnel without exceeding the maximum level mark.
    Plug in the diffuser and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the room (allow 10 minutes for a 20 m² room).

    Recommended for a space of 20m²

    To effectively eliminate viruses, bacteria and refresh the atmosphere (bad smells of cigarettes, cooking ...), we recommend in the same family of aromatherapy products from the Pranarom Laboratory the BIO Aromaforce Sanitizing Spray

    Technical description of the Joy Pranarom essential oil diffuser

    Joy is a latest generation ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.
    Its sleek and sober design fits perfectly into your living spaces. Ideal in the office or at home. Its operation is simple and allows continuous distribution .

    Continuous diffusion mode with or without light
    Light: 2 options
    1) Alternating changing light
    2) Choice of only one color: fixed light

    Presentation of the Joy diffuser available

    The Pranarom Joy essential oil diffuser is available in Black and Taupe Gray version at the same price.

    Precautions for use

    Easy to maintain and use, Joy will allow you to clean the air, relax or create an aromatic atmosphere as you wish.

    Clean your diffuser once a month using the method recommended in the instructions.

    Precautions for taking essential oils by aromatic diffusion

    Certain essential oils are not recommended or even contraindicated in diffusion. Read the instructions for using the essential oils that you want to diffuse via your ultra-sonic nebulizer diffuser .

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