Essential oils and slimming 

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Tired of all those drastic diets that push you around? Are you looking for a solution to feel good about yourself and your bikini line? Don't panic, there are natural solutions to help you lose weight, keep your figure and optimize your weight loss.

Metabolic disorders? Hypertriglyceridemia? Obesity? Cellulite? Water retention ? Or just a few extra pounds? At Soin et Nature we have a selection of essential oils to answer your worries in order to help you find a harmonious silhouette.

Since 2001, in France, a national health program (PNNS) has been set up, which is renewed and modified every four years.

In the PNNS 2016-2020, we still find nutritional prevention and management of nutritional disorders including obesity, including a new categorization of foods (9 food groups including legumes, drinking water and fruit juices).

Prevention requires as a priority :

  • To balance your diet
  • To limit the consumption of fast sugars and saturated fats
  • Avoid snacking; limit yourself to 3 meals a day
  • Increase physical activity

Some additional nutritional advice :

  • Avoid industrial products in which sugars and fats have been added
  • Avoid overly complicated food mixes. Prefer simplicity, namely 75 to 80% starch and 20 to 25% protein during a meal, and vice versa at the following meal (it is much less burdensome for digestion)
  • Consume fruit outside of meals
  • If possible, postpone the dessert in the afternoon for a snack
  • Honey is to be taken alone or in a lukewarm drink
  • Snacking weakens the stomach by never leaving it empty and therefore at rest
  • Cow's milk should be limited and if possible eliminated. This milk is not suitable for the human organism, it is produced by the mother to make a baby calf weighing 360 kg in 1 year. In addition, the processes used to keep cows producing milk year round are potentially toxic, as they rely on the use of antibiotics and hormonal treatments, among other things.
  • Choose unrefined sugars and grains and consume them in small amounts: brown sugar, agave syrup, honey, whole grain bread, brown rice, etc.
  • Check the GIs of foods, especially for diabetics and overweight people. Here's a tip: Agave syrup can be sweetened in the same way as honey, and, if it is of good quality, its glycemic index is a little lower.
  • Avoid foods without real nutritional value, because they promote inflammation, acidify the body and generate more fat storage
  • Limit foods containing gluten if possible
  • Prefer oils rich in mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega3.6 and 9), and check that they are virgin and first cold pressed. These include, for example, rapeseed, olive, walnut, hazelnut, wheat germ oils ...
  • Eat fatty fish: sardines, mackerel, red mullet, salmon or tuna, for example. Remember to check that they come from a fair fishery. Be careful, fatty fish are also those that contain the most heavy metals. Choose them small and don't consonant too often
  • To avoid: sunflower and soybean oil, fatty meats (difficult to digest), industrial dairy products and cheeses (prefer local producers), margarines
  • Prefer proteins of plant origin, white meats and fish
  • To anticipate the risks of deficiencies, it is preferable to combine cereals with legumes, for example: rice and red beans, semolina and chickpeas
  • Don't hesitate to eat sprouted seeds

These treatments obviously do not replace a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

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