PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylon 5ml
PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylon 5ml
PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylon 5ml PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylon 5ml

PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylon 5ml

Brand : Puressentiel Puressentiel
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PURESSENTIEL Organic Essential Oil Cinnamon Ceylan 5ml in our pharmacy bio

What is Puressentiel Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil used for?

PURESSENTIEL Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil is much more than just a product. It offers a multitude of benefits for your well-being.

  • Use it as a diffuser to create a comforting atmosphere.
  • Take advantage of its warming properties to soothe your mind.
  • Discover its revitalizing properties for the body.
  • Treat yourself to an authentic sensory experience every day.

Puressentiel Ceylon cinnamon essential oil has many therapeutic properties:

  1. Antibacterial: Helps fight bacterial infections, particularly those affecting the respiratory tract.
  2. Antifungal: Effective against fungi responsible for skin infections such as athlete's foot or nail fungus.
  3. Antiviral: It boosts the immune system and helps prevent viral infections such as the flu and colds.
  4. Stimulating: Its warm, spicy fragrance helps stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle and joint pain.
  5. Antioxidant: Protects cells against damage caused by free radicals, helping to prevent premature aging of the skin.
  6. Digestive stimulant: aids digestion and relieves gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating and abdominal pain.

Antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial, cinnamon bark essential oil has a broad spectrum of action. It even kills antibiotic-resistant microbes. It is used against all infections, whether respiratory (bronchitis, colds, flu), intestinal (gastroenteritis or "turista" contracted during a trip to a hot country), urinary (cystitis) or gynecological. It stimulates cardiac and respiratory functions. It is a good physical and mental tonic. Cinnamon powder is the fourth most antioxidant-rich food.

  • Exoticism captured: Ceylon cinnamon. Let yourself be enchanted by the warm, spicy aromas of Ceylon cinnamon with PURESSENTIEL essential oil. Extracted directly from the bark of the tree, this essence captures the vibrant soul of this exotic spice.
  • Superior organic quality: PURESSENTIEL is committed to an eco-responsible approach, and guarantees you an organic essential oil. Free of preservatives and additives, it offers the quintessence of Ceylon cinnamon in its purest form.
  • A Multifunctional Ally: Known for its stimulating, antiseptic and digestive properties, Ceylon Cinnamon essential oil is a treasure trove for your well-being. It can be used for massage, diffusion or even in cooking to enhance your dishes.

The Puressentiel aromatherapy laboratory also offersCypress essential oil at the best price in our online pharmacy.

How to use this essential oil

Take a maximum of 2 drops 3 times a day on a Puressentiel neutral tablet (or 1 teaspoon of honey, olive oil or 1/4 sugar). Do not use undiluted or mix with water.
For further advice on use, ask your pharmacist.
Equivalence: 1 ml = 31 drops

Experience the senses with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil. With PURESSENTIEL Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil, plunge into the heart of nature and discover its wonders.

  • Add a few drops to your body care products for radiant skin.
  • Savor its warm, authentic aroma in cooking.
  • Treat yourself to nature's treasure in a 5 ml bottle.

Give your opinion on how to use and dosage with our partner Verified Reviews after your purchase.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children - Food supplement - Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle - Follow recommended doses. As a precautionary measure, do not use for children under 7, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Store away from light, air and heat.

What does it contain?

Cinnamomum verum* essential oil
Chemotype: trans-cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, ß-phenyllandrene
Family: Lauraceae

*Organically grown

Embark on an aromatic journey with PURESSENTIEL Ceylon Cinnamon organic essential oil. 5ml of a warm spice with multiple health and sensory benefits. An authentic, exotic experience.

Presentation: 5 ml bottle

Immerse yourself in the world of nature with PURESSENTIEL Ceylon Cinnamon Organic Essential Oil. In a 5 ml bottle, this essential oil offers a unique sensory experience, full of comfort and authenticity. Discover the countless uses of this precious oil, and let nature take care of you.

  • Contains 5 ml of pure, organic essential oil.
  • Premium Ceylon cinnamon for pure comfort.
  • Offers a rich, warm sensory experience.
  • Discover the many uses of this precious oil.

Discover PURESSENTIEL Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Essential Oil, a unique sensory experience in a 5 ml bottle. Enjoy its benefits for relaxation, warmth and vitality. Immerse yourself in nature with this organic treasure. Order now for a comforting experience.

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