Pranarôm Neroli Essential Oil 2ml

Pranarôm Neroli Essential Oil 2ml

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Pranarôm Neroli Essential Oil 2ml in our organic pharmacy. Give your opinion on how to use and dosage with our partner. Reviews verified after your purchase.

What is Pranarôm Neroli Essential Oil 2ml used for?

Neroliessential oil has tranquilizing, antispasmodic and mild antidepressant properties. Inhaling neroli essential oil helps relieve menopausal symptoms, increases sexual desire and reduces blood pressure in post-menopausal women. Neroli essential oil is anticonvulsant, antibacterial (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and antifungal.

The bitter orange tree is 5 to 10 m tall. Native to India, it was introduced to Europe during the Crusades. The Moors cultivated it extensively near Seville in Spain. Its fruit is smaller than that of the sweet orange, with a rougher skin tinted green or yellow.

Neroli essential oil has choleretic, detoxifying, hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties, thanks mainly to the presence of limonene. This detoxifying action is notably due to the stimulation of hepatic enzymes, promoting healthy liver function.

The linalool present in Neroli essential oil has a complex action on the central nervous system. It acts as a stimulant, sedative and anticonvulsant. By encouraging learning and memorization, it acts on nicotinic receptors and reduces motor activity, thus promoting sleep. In addition, its anticonvulsant action is linked to its ability to reduce the release of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter.

Neroli essential oil is recognized for its antidepressant and neurotonic properties. It acts as a mental rebalancer, helping to combat hypersensitivity and stress. Its use can help reduce anxiety and promote a calmer, more balanced state of mind.

The linalool contained in Neroli essential oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, binding to opioid receptors and reducing inflammation-induced edema. This action helps relieve joint and muscle pain, as well as skin inflammation.

Neroli essential oil acts on gastric motility, reducing nausea and gastric acidity. It also stimulates digestive microcirculation, promoting better digestion. In addition, its sebum-regulating properties make it an effective skin tonic and astringent.

In addition to its main properties, Neroli essential oil has lymphotonic, decongestant and antifungal effects. It can also be beneficial in relieving menopausal symptoms, improving sexual desire, reducing blood pressure and alleviating the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

The aromatherapy laboratory Pranarom also offersNiaouli essential oil at the best price in our online pharmacy.

How to use this essential oil

This essential oil is self-sufficient and can be used to create a real perfume with a unique fragrance (called a soliflore). Mix 5 drops of neroli essential oil in 5 ml ofMacadamia or Apricot Kernelvegetable oil. Use this blend to scent the nape of the neck, wrists and behind the ears.

Give your opinion on the directions for use and dosage of Pranarôm Huile essentielle Néroli 2ml with our partner Verified opinions after your purchase.

Precautions for use

  • Avoid in association with cortisone, risk of drug interaction.
  • Do not use for prolonged periods, as this may cause the pituitary-adrenal axis to rest, resulting in acute adrenal insufficiency when the E.O. is discontinued.
  • Avoid applying E.H. in the evening (or before any period of rest)
  • Not recommended for osteoporosis sufferers, due to inherent risk of decalcification
  • Dermocaustic, revulsive action on the skin in its pure state and aggressive to mucous membranes (redness, irritation, pruritus), not to be used pure, dilution required.
  • Enzyme inhibitor, risk of drug interactions(geraniol).
  • Beware of possible gynecomastizing effects with prolonged use, linalool and linalyl acetate show anti-androgenic activity and weak estrogenic activity by binding to estrogen receptors. As linalool and linalyl acetate inhibit testosterone production, these molecules should be avoided as long-term endocrine disruptors in males.
  • Contraindicated in children under 8 years of age.
  • Caution in cases of per os renal insufficiency
  • Contraindicated in pregnant women ( limonene induces uterine contractions) and nursing mothers.
  • Contraindicated in epileptics or people with a history of convulsions
  • No wet inhalation

What is its composition?

Neroli essential oil contains monoterpene hydrocarbons, monoterpene alcohols, monoterpene esters, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons and sesquiterpene aldehydes.

Main molecule: Linalool, trans-nerolidol

Distilled part: Flower


Pranarôm neroli essential oil comes in a 2ml bottle.

Our advice and expert opinion in pharmacy

We recommend neroli essential oil in the following cases:

  • Nervousness, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety
  • Neurotonic states and minor sleep disorders
  • Reactive nervous depression, sadness and melancholy, overwork, weariness
  • Spasmophilia, neuro-vegetative dystonia
  • Local use: skin disorders, acne, boils, facial care
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