Pranarôm Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml ct cineole

Pranarôm Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml ct cineole

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Pranarôm Niaouli Essential Oil 10ml ct cineole in our bio pharmacy. Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage with our partner. Notice checked after your purchase.

What is Pranarôm Niaouli essential oil ct cineole 10ml used for?

Niaouli ct cineoleessential oil has anti-infectious, antibacterial properties against Gram+ bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus beta-hemolyticus) and Gram- bacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, often responsible for nosocomial infections, Mycobacterium sp.). Its effectiveness seems even greater when combined withmanuka essential oil (Leptospermum scoparium). It is antifungal and anticandidogenic. It is a highly active antiviral essential oil. It is also anti-parasitic, febrifuge, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and venous decongestant. It is a radio-protector, promoting cutaneous absorption of various molecules including estradiol.

Niaouli provides a remarkably effective and well-tolerated essential oil, formerly known as gomenol. Like true lavender, it is considered a panacea, given its broad range of indications. The multiple results obtained from its use place it among the top 10 essential oils used by the informed consumer.

Niaouli essential oil is renowned for its expectorant and mucolytic properties, thanks in particular to its 1,8 cineole content. This compound stimulates the exocrine glands of the respiratory mucosa, promoting theelimination of bronchial secretions. This action contributes to decongesting the respiratory tract and improving mucociliary clearance, thus facilitating breathing.

Niaouli essential oil's powerful antimicrobial action makes it an ideal ally in the fight against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It is effective against a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, herpes viruses and fungi such as Candida albicans. This antimicrobial activity makes it an excellent choice for the treatment of ENT, respiratory, genitourinary and skin infections.

Niaouli essential oil also has significant anti-inflammatory properties, mainly attributed to 1,8 cineole. This molecule acts by inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes, thus reducing inflammation and associated pain. This anti-inflammatory action makes it a relevant choice for relieving joint, muscle and respiratory pain, as well as for treating prolonged inflammatory conditions.

Niaouli essential oil also has antispasmodic properties, acting on the smooth muscles of the trachea to reduce bronchial spasms and improve breathing. This antispasmodic action helps relieve coughs and breathing difficulties associated with various respiratory conditions, such as asthma and bronchitis.

In addition to its main effects, Niaouli essential oil has a multitude of other beneficial health properties, including:

  • Immunomodulation: strengthens the immune system.
  • Anti-catarrhal: relieves cold symptoms and nasal congestion.
  • Radioprotective: skin protection during radiotherapy.
  • Estrogen-like: potentiates estrogenic effects.
  • Venous decongestion: improves blood circulation.
  • Insecticide action: fights fleas and lice.
  • Febrifuge: reduces fever.
  • Promotes cutaneous absorption: improves the absorption of certain molecules by the skin.
  • Gonadotropic effect: stimulates gonadal and adrenal gland functions.
  • Anti-angiogenic: inhibits the formation of new blood vessels, particularly in leukemia cells.

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How to use this essential oil

Skin tonic action for daily night care: pour 1 drop of niaouli essential oil with 1 drop ofEgyptian geranium essential oil into your night cream. That's all you need to benefit from the skin toning action of this superb essential oil.

Give your opinion on the directions for use and dosage of Pranarôm Huile essentielle Niaouli ct cinéole 10ml with our partner. Reviews verified after your purchase.

What are the precautions for use?

  • Caution in hormone-dependent pathologies; do not combine with estrogen treatment (including estroprogestogens).
  • Contraindicated in pregnant or breast-feeding women.
  • Contraindicated in asthmatics and epileptics, or in people with a history of convulsions
  • Do not exceed 3 weeks' treatment
  • Do not combine with cortisone, risk of drug interaction
  • Dermocaustic, revulsive action on pure skin and aggressive to mucous membranes (redness, irritation, pruritus).
  • For adults and pubescent adolescents only
  • Caution in cases of renal or hepatic insufficiency ( nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic)
  • Enzyme inhibitor, risk of drug interactions, ask your pharmacist for advice
  • Suppositories containing terpene derivatives are contraindicated for children under 30 months, and for those with a history of febrile convulsion or epilepsy.
  • Do not disperse

What is its composition?

Niaouli ct cineole essential oil contains monoterpene oxides, monoterpene hydrocarbons, monoterpene alcohols, sesquiterpene alcohols, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons and monoterpene esters.

Main molecules: 1,8 cineole, viridiflorol

Distilled part: Leaves


Pranarôm niaouli ct cineole essential oil comes in a 10ml bottle.

Our advice and expert opinion in pharmacy

We recommend niaouli ct cineole essential oil in the following cases:

  • Arteritis, coronary artery disease, varicose veins, hemorrhoids
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis, genital herpes, cervical dysplasia, urethritis and prostatitis, viral hepatitis, gastritis and ulcers, psoriasis, infected wounds.
  • Local prevention of radiation burns
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