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A scar corresponds to the trace of a lesion of the dermis, once the tissue has repaired itself, following an accidental wound or a surgical incision. Scarring is an integral part of the healing process. Depending on its origin and whether the healing process is going well or not and depending on your skin, the scar that remains is more or less beautiful.

The healing process involves the intervention of collagen, a fibrous protein produced by the body that constitutes the intracellular substance of connective tissue , a supporting tissue that has the purpose of protecting the organs it surrounds. By filling the surface of the cut, collagen helps to bring the fibers of the skin together.

A scar will never be the same from person to person. Several factors influence the speed and degree of healing:

  • Children's cells regenerate faster than those of adults
  • The wounds of the elderly, on the contrary, heal more slowly but in a clearer way, due to a drop in collagen production.
  • Deficiencies in certain vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, can increase the risk of bad scars. This is why it is advisable to consume foods that contain these vitamins as well as zinc because they help healing
  • Skin with low pigmentation heals better than dark skin
  • Scars located on the joints often heal less well because they are under the pressure of movement
  • If the wound is not well disinfected, a bacterium can lodge there which will infect the lesion. This phenomenon can lead to abnormal and unsightly healing.
  • Inadequate blood circulation increases the risk of poor healing

Is it advisable to massage a scar to help it fade ?

Mobilizing the tissues by placing your hand flat on the scar, directly on the skin is recommended to promote the healing and cell regenerating action. In association with essential oils , the action will only be synergistic.

Gently move the skin from right to left, up, down, then make small circles with the palm of your hand, gently, in one direction then in the other. It is ideal for restoring flexibility, preventing adhesions or tissue fibrosis.

Once you have mastered the gesture and the tissues are more flexible, do not hesitate to knead the skin like bread dough, lifting it, without hurting yourself.

Can I expose myself to the sun ?

Especially not ! Recent inflammation and new, thinner skin make the area particularly delicate. UV rays representing a risk of pigmentation, slip a sunscreen (SPF50) in your bag, and avoid photosensitizing essential oils. Depending on the location of the scar, you can also opt for an occlusive dressing or clothing.

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