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Very High Protection Sun Care Spf50 +

What marks the start of the holidays? It is of course the purchase of the famous sunscreen to be well protected from UV rays and avoid sunburn . Sunscreen is one of the most effective protections against Ultra Violet, provided you know how to use it well. The SPF is the index which represents the level of protection of a sun product. The higher it is, the higher the photoprotective action.

The protection provided by sun care therefore depends on the SPF , but also and above all on the amount of product applied : to block 97% of UV rays with an SPF50 , the recommended dose must be applied (= that tested in laboratories), which is 2 g per cm 2 of skin, or the equivalent of a € 2 piece of sunscreen in the palm of your hand for a forearm, for example.

We all agree that we don't apply as much, so the protection ends up being cut in half and our SPF50 becomes SPF25. Hence the advantage of choosing a high index (therefore high protection) from the start : If you choose a low index and you do not put enough, it is as if you were exposing yourself without protection. For people with sun allergies (summer lucitis), pigment spots , sensitive skin, or even children, the question does not even arise: Very High Protection Spf50 + Sun Care is essential and we favor fragrance-free formulas. and with mineral filters , better tolerated by the epidermis than chemical filters. For others, high protection does the trick , going gradually: SPF50 in early summer, SPF30 when we started to take color. The SPF is also an indicator of the duration of protection . The higher it is, the longer we are protected. However, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen every two hours, and after each swim (especially if you wipe off with a towel) or in case of excessive sweating.

We love it when the sun makes us tan , but we also know that it is important to protect yourself to avoid sunburn . However, many of us still believe that favoring a low protection index will allow us to display a pretty golden color at the end of the holidays. Big mistake, since betting on a high protection index like SPF 50 is the right reflex to avoid wrinkles, to sublimate and prolong the tan , but also to stay in good health.

Very High Protection Sun care Spf50 + fights against skin aging , opting for a protection factor of 50 , allows you to preserve your skin from aging. Indeed, it is the best protection against UVA rays, the rays responsible for premature aging. In addition, it is stronger than the other indices to prevent sunburn, thanks to its powerful UVB filter. The index 50 does not prevent you from tanning, on the contrary, it is even the index that offers the best tan . First of all, it is important to specify that it is not because the protection index is high that tanning UVB rays no longer have an effect. Tanning just takes a little longer than with a lower index. With an SPF 50 sunscreen , you will certainly tan gradually, but your tan will be prettier, of better quality and will last especially longer. Not to mention that the skin is well protected, so no sunburn in sight on the horizon.

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