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Year after year, the skin loses tone and radiance. The skin produces less collagen. And external aggressions weaken the skin. Result? The first wrinkles appear on the face. Anti-aging serums are plentiful and given the breadth of supply, it can be difficult to make a choice. So which anti-wrinkle serum to favor? We take stock.

Why use an anti-aging serum?

An anti-aging or anti-wrinkle face serum is recommended from the age of 30 to avoid the first signs of aging of the skin. Using this type of serum makes it possible to meet the basic needs of the skin, but also to compensate for changes in the epidermis with age.

The anti-aging serum is not an anti-wrinkle treatment like the others. What makes it different? Its concentration in anti-aging active ingredients is much greater than in a classic anti-aging cream.

The primary purpose of an anti-aging serum is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin and prevent their future formation.

There are all kinds of serums: to restore radiance to dull complexions , to reduce premature aging spots , to reduce imperfections , soothe sensitive skin or nourish very dry skin .

Whether it is to fill fine lines and wrinkles, to firm the contours of the face or to treat skin aging on sensitive skin, you have the choice between serums with effective active ingredients. Different scents, different textures: the serums sold in our online store are suitable for all skin types.

Often, the skincare ranges provide for the serum that combines with the cream: if your cream is an anti-aging treatment , it is very likely that a serum will be developed to accompany the plumping effects of the treatment.

How to choose your anti-aging serum?

Anti-aging serums contain concentrated formulas designed to prevent and correct specific aging problems. They are useful for improving the appearance of pigment spots and wrinkles, as well as firmness. These powerful serums are therefore essential to achieve healthy skin.

In the fight against skin aging , certain molecules have proven their effectiveness ... From anti-aging serum with hyaluronic acid to anti-aging serum with essential oils, including organic anti-aging serum . To fade fine lines and wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging, cosmetic brands offer us retinol, fruit acids or the famous hyaluronic acid.

The retinol-based anti-aging serum will be recommended for smoothing the skin, it is suitable for combating imperfections as well as for combating skin aging.

The deep treatment based on fruit acid improves skin texture, smoothes wrinkles and gives more toned and luminous skin . It helps to reduce certain defects in my skin (pigmentation spots, acne scars, etc.).

The anti-wrinkle serum based on hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate my skin in depth. When the signs of aging appear, to further smooth out wrinkles, especially those of dehydration.

The anti-aging treatment formulated with vitamin C protects the skin against free radicals . It is ideal when the skin lacks vitality, when it is tired, with spots or after too long exposure to the sun.

How to use your anti-aging serum?

Much more concentrated than a classic treatment, the serum is used in small quantities, which is why it is presented in a small bottle with a dropper cap or a measuring pipette.

It can be part of the beauty routine as a daily treatment or as a cure. Its fluid texture does not ensure the protection of the hydrolipidic film of the skin, the serum does not replace face care (day or night cream, oil ...). On the contrary, it acts in addition to the usual care to increase the effect.

The serum is a key step in a skincare routine. It is applied between cleansing the face , and the day or night cream. It is applied morning and / or evening, depending on your needs and recommendations.

  • Take a dab of your serum. Heat the mixture in your hands to bring it to your skin temperature and promote immediate effectiveness.
  • Place with the natural weight of your hands on your neck and face to create immediate sensory well-being and distribute your treatment evenly.
  • Drain to stimulate circulation, restore radiance to your complexion and maintain a firm face. 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolleté.

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