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Anti-aging care for your face

Discover the new range of anti-aging treatments to plump your face in a natural and effective way in your bio pharmacy online.

Why is our skin aging?

Our face is marked by the passing years. There are two explanations for skin aging.

The first explanation is internal, over time our body ages and our skin with it. The hydrolipidic film no longer sufficiently protects the skin, which then becomes dry. In addition, the complexion becomes dull, particularly in view of the slowing down of the cell renewal process. With age our skin also loses its concentration of hyaluronic acid , collagen and elastin , which leads to sagging of the skin. It then becomes less plump and reveals the first wrinkles and fine lines .

The second explanation for the aging of the skin is related to its environment. Indeed it is attacked by a certain number of factors which accelerate the process. The sun and its UV rays contribute to the destruction of skin cells, which leads to reduced production of molecules that are essential to it. Exposing yourself without sun protection precipitates premature skin aging . Tobacco, stress, as well as a poor diet promote the production of more free radicals which deteriorate the appearance of the skin.

Which anti-aging routine for my skin?

The main thing is to have a beauty routine that helps prevent and correct the signs of aging and hydrate your skin . To prevent the first signs of aging and delay skin aging, you have to act in stages.

  • The first step in always keeping a young face is removing makeup . An effective beauty routine cannot begin without removing make-up from the skin. This is the essential anti-aging gesture that should not be overlooked. In which case we are witnessing a skin which becomes dehydrated and which becomes prone to wrinkles. Removing make-up and cleansing your skin before going to sleep helps preserve your youthfulness . It frees the skin from impurities and allows it to breathe. You have to choose it according to your skin type. You have a wide choice of makeup remover in our online store. Cleansing milk, cleansing oil , micellar water , wipe… each product has these specificities. The ideal is to opt for a formula adapted to your skin type.
  • Step two is to apply your serum . Much richer in active ingredients than a classic cream, this anti-aging treatment provides a targeted response to your skin. It can have a tightening effect, be anti-dark spots or even hyper hydrating . True elixir of youth, it has a perfect place in your skincare routine.
  • Third step is the moment to apply your cream. It is important to distinguish between the day cream which must be moisturizing and protect the skin from external aggressions and the night cream which boosts cell regeneration.
  • Let's not forget about targeted care. Drooping eyelids, crow's feet, oval face, neck and décolleté each area is entitled to its dedicated anti-wrinkle treatment in order to maintain the youthfulness of the skin .

A few gestures allow you to complete your beauty routine. Once or twice a week, it is beneficial for the skin to make a scrub and a mask . Exfoliation is the best way to eliminate dead cells, it stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the penetration of treatments that will be applied after.
The mask acts on a targeted need of your skin. There are a multitude of them depending on the skin problem. Lifting, hydrating, plumping, peel-off mask , they smooth the facial features for new skin and a radiant complexion of beauty.
Anti-aging massage helps promote microcirculation of the skin. The rolling palpate helps to overcome the different signs of aging in different areas of the face. Eye contour, frown lines, lip contour, face oval each massage helps to relax features and firm the skin .

To regain radiance, smooth the face and plump the skin, nothing better than a skincare routine perfectly suited to your needs.
To choose the right treatment, start by determining your skin's needs. Do you need a rich and nourishing texture , or can you settle for a light fluid or a fresh jelly ? Since it is the consistency of the application that is the secret to success, it is better to opt for a texture that you will enjoy using.

To stay young and beautiful, discover our anti-aging it-products in our online drugstore. "Soin et Nature" offers you several ranges of natural care using active ingredients from nature. We offer moisturizing, anti-dark spots or even regenerating cosmetics.

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