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Personal hygiene refers to all the daily actions that we all do every day, such as washing our hands, washing our hair , body or even teeth . Whether it is quick ablutions for those in a hurry, or real rituals of relaxation for others, having good personal hygiene has now become a habit.

The moment of the shower is very appreciated, it is a refreshing way to wake up your body and start your day.
There is not enough water to free the skin from the stains and sweat that settle throughout the day. To promote their elimination, it is necessary to use a suitable toilet product , preferably without aggressive surfactants.

There are a multitude of cosmetics in the hygiene department , shower gels, shower creams and even shower oils. We help you to understand the function and the benefits of each one in order to choose the cleansing treatment adapted to you.

Shower gel is the most widely used product for washing . It forms a foam on the skin and cleanses it gently . Be sure to opt for a formula rich in natural ingredients to protect your skin from aggressions linked to detergents (perfume, soap, etc.). The shower gel provides a real sensation of freshness . And to vary the pleasures, there are a multitude of scents .

The shower cream is suitable for all skin types and is more suitable for dry or sensitive skin. It is generally formulated with butter and vegetable oils, ideal active ingredients for the care of the skin. With a shower cream, you wash and hydrate in a single gesture.

Shower oil is the ideal cleansing treatment for very dry or atopic-prone skin. It gently removes impurities while protecting and replenishing the protective barrier of the skin.

There is also bar soap . This natural and often organic solid soap takes care of your skin. It is economical and can be used by the whole family. Often superfatted, it contains all the glycerin resulting from its manufacture. It nourishes the skin, protects it and softens it.

It is also important not to ignore good personal hygiene in order to avoid infections and irritation. A neglected personal toilet favors the appearance of unpleasant odors and the attack of bacteria.

100% natural shower gels

Natural and organic daily hygiene for the whole family!

In order to clean and respect your skin as well as possible, the naturopathic experts at your online bio pharmacy have selected a range of organic shower gels composed of an extra-gentle washing base without sulfate and a neutral pH for well-being. skin.

It is recommended to choose your shower gel with 100% natural active ingredients in order to take care of your body and skin. That's why you have to choose your organic soap or shower gel, certified by Ecocert or cosmebio. These hygiene products are free from allergens, irritants or toxic substances, and without endocrine disruptors.

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