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Buy your hair care in your online bio pharmacy

Find a wide selection of parapharmacy products to take care of your health in an effective and natural way. Discover this new range of pharmaceutical cosmetics for hair care in your organic pharmacy specializing in natural care.

Care that helps restore beautiful hair and a healthy scalp. The hair comes up against environmental aggressions on a daily basis and becomes dull and brittle over time.

A multitude of appropriate hair care products such as soothing shampoo , hair growth serum, or conditioner restore hair to its natural shine and facilitate styling.

What are the consequences of air pollution on the hair ?

Air pollution generates fine particles that attach themselves to the hair fiber . Scales lift, causing hair to lose luster and shine.

During daily exposure to pollution , the scalp protects itself by overproducing sebum. It is for this reason that the hair has this unfortunate tendency to regrease more quickly in urban cities.

It is therefore very important for all these reasons to set up a hair detox care routine, to restore your hair to its full shine.

Take care of your hair with natural products

Do you have dry and brittle hair ? This is frequently caused by lack of sebum but can also be the result of our bad hair habits. It is good to adopt a few gestures for healthy hair .

Brush the hair before washing, and use a shampoo that corresponds to their hair type while respecting the neutral pH of the skin. Dampen the hair under lukewarm water, and lather a small amount of shampoo on the scalp, using circular movements. Rinse the hair carefully, avoiding using too hot water.

Natural care for dry hair : It is preferable to space out shampoos and avoid daily shampoos as this weakens the hair which is damaged over time. Here's a little trick, massage hair oil into your hair, and let it act for about 1/2 hour by wrapping it in a hot towel. Then proceed to shampoo. The oil bath is very beneficial for taking care of dry hair .

Hair dryness is the most common hair problem, in particular because of the lack of care offered to them or, on the contrary, the unsuitable products that are used.

Natural care for oily hair : it can be washed daily if a mild shampoo is used. After shampooing, wring out hair with both hands and wrap in a towel. It is important after the shampoo to gently dry the hair without heavily. Indeed, drying the hair too vigorously with a dry towel after washing can further activate the formation of sebum. The following habits can also lead to increased sebum production and lead to oily hair: hair that is too tight under a hat or a cap or too frequent combing and brushing.

Also find all our advice on our blog on How to take care of my hair this summer . Take advantage of our qualified naturopaths and our advice to choose the best treatment adapted to your problems and your personal situation. For more information, do not hesitate to ask us for advice on our secure form .

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