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Role of coloring shampoo

A coloring shampoo should not be categorized as permanent or semi-permanent. Indeed, it is a treatment made up of pigments that line the hair fiber. They then attach to the surface, without penetrating the scales of the hair. This repigmenting treatment is therefore temporary and is erased over shampoos . The purpose of this coloring shampoo is to improve the duration and intensity of the color , its radiance and its shine. The role of pigments is to prolong your color. You will therefore understand: pigmentation helps maintain its color, to preserve it. The coloring shampoos do not damage the hair, in fact, they merge a coloring action and a care action to lengthen the duration of the color .

However, this type of coloring shampoo is not the one that best eliminates impurities, in fact this is not its primary function. It is therefore important to proceed with your usual shampoo beforehand, and to supplement it with one which brings pigments to your scalp. The coloring shampoo acts as a temporary coloring: in fact, the pigments are fixed to the surface of the hair and end up fading after 5 weeks. It is not a permanent color, so the scales do not open to infuse the pigments. If the coloring pickles and dries out, the coloring shampoo has the advantage of moisturizing and strengthening the fiber.

Who are these coloring shampoos for?

Those who want to reduce regrowth of their natural color and restore their radiance. If your hair is natural, these coloring shampoos are for you too. They will bring boost and toue by enhancing your color by sublimating your reflections and the shine of your hair will be increased: the color is revealed, magnified.

This type ofrepigmenting shampoo neutralizes and corrects unwanted shades. Blond, gray and white hair are often affected by the phenomenon of yellow / copper reflections which are a real scourge, difficult to eradicate. However with the coloring shampoo no more worries: you will not have to be confronted with this problem. If you have colored hair, you know the inconveniences associated with regrowth: the unsightly demarcation of the roots, the color that cuts, the fading and the color that dulls with each shampoo. The sun, shampoos, brushings: the color which loses its intensity, its radiance, which becomes washed out.

How to use a coloring shampoo?

We lather well, distributing it all over the hair and let the coloring shampoo act for the time indicated. Rinsing while emulsifying, in fact, the delicate rubbing polishes and stimulates the pigment. Apply once or twice a week, however, if your hair is really dull you can easily exceed this recommendation.

Plant Color Treatment Pharmacy

Do you find your hair dull and want to restore its shine without damaging it? Opt for vegetable coloring ! Conceived from natural products harmless to health and the environment, vegetable coloring has good arguments to seduce. It is in tune with the times: healthy, natural , it respects the hair to beautify it in the long term . It takes care of your fiber and naturally coats it.

Find the best of our vegetable coloring treatments to treat your hair in your online bio pharmacy.

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