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Hair health doesn't just depend on using the right shampoo. Especially in terms of hair care, choosing the right natural solution is not so easy. Dull hair, dandruff, oily hair, hair loss : what are the natural and easy-to-take solutions?
Food supplements can improve the beauty of the hair. However, there are two ways of apprehending the vitality of the hair, either we seek to have beautiful hair, more flexible, more resistant, more shiny; either we try to stem a hair loss a little more important than normal.
Depending on what we are trying to treat, we do not use the same food supplements.

How to take food supplement for hair & nails?

The most effective way to reap the benefits of dietary supplements for hair is to take them as a course of several weeks. It is enough to take them daily in the form of tablets or capsules for the hair. Supplements are used to treat a specific problem : they cannot replace a balanced diet. A period of three months is generally recommended to observe the visible effects on the hair. Indeed, it is the minimum time for new hair to appear, gradually replacing those that are damaged.

On the other hand, anti-hair loss food supplements act more quickly and their benefits are noticeable from the first month of treatment. It is advisable not to interrupt the latter prematurely, otherwise its benefits will fade.

It is possible to take these supplements for prevention, for example in the fall and in the spring to guard against seasonal hair loss. Likewise, if you are undergoing a period of stress or lack of sleep, taking supplements helps prevent demineralization that could affect the health of your hair. Brewer's yeast is ideal for this occasion, since it is an entirely natural product, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Discover our selection of food supplements that will help you strengthen and take care of your nails and your hair.

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