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Foot care for a real care routine.

During the summer, who doesn't show their feet? Whether we are in sandals, flip flops or barefoot, our feet are revealed and should be at their best. What's more, they support us all day. So we owe them a pretty beauty of the feet! Because there is nothing more inthetic than poorly groomed feet.

Foot beauty step 1: Take a dip

To have pretty feet, you might as well do like the pros. The first thing they always do for a beauty of the feet? The foot bath. The water and the heat will soften the dead skin, enough to get rid of the horn without attacking your feet. You can add a few drops of essential oils to bring a touch of aromatherapy or even favor vegetable oils, such as sweet almond oil, to soften the skin.

How to do a good foot care : we fill a basin large enough to be able to temper our feet then we add enough water to have it up to the ankles. We pour a few drops of essential oil according to the desired care and leave to act for ten minutes. Don't forget to have your terry towel by your side!

Step 2 of the foot care routine: Exfoliate

For very soft feet, we start by erasing them . This will act as a good emollient and prepare our feet for grating .

How to do it: arm yourself with your coarse scrub or go for it and make it home. To do this, simply mix a softening vegetable oil such as coconut oil with brown sugar and you're done.

Find the best products sold in pharmacies to treat your feet.

Our feet, organs as essential as they are sensitive, support us all day long, sometimes at night and year round. Very often abused because of the wearing of unsuitable shoes, and other pumps, they are also often neglected in our daily care . Corns and calluses then become lodged and prevent us from walking.

Corns and calluses are very common and most of the time they are quite mild. Their main disadvantage is that they interfere with walking because of the pain (sometimes acute) that they can cause.

Locked up all day in shoes that are not always suitable, our feet are in pain. Heels thickened by the horn , cracks , rough skin , corns , excess perspiration , they are in need of cosmetics adapted for the care of the feet .

Shoes, hygiene, massage and care : all your foot care is in our beauty department.

Who are the people at risk?

A visit to a doctor or a chiropodist is recommended for prevention for people at risk:

  • Patients over 75 years of age because they are likely to develop foot lesions more frequently and because they sometimes have difficulty providing hygiene care on their own.
  • Diabetic patients who are more at risk of infection and who need to monitor their feet regularly.

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