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Nail fungus as well as foot fungus or " athlete's foot " is caused by a skin fungus. It is usually located between the toes, on the fingernails, or under the soles of the feet.

"Athlete's foot" is a special form of fungal infection of the feet located between the toes. This superficial skin infection caused by a fungus can affect the soles of the feet , fingernails , and other areas on the skin outside of the feet. It can become the gateway to other infections, especially bacterial ones. Heat and humidity are favoring the development of the fungus.

Yeast infection of the foot is caused by a fungus called the dermatophyte . The latter contaminates the skin and develops mainly between the toes. The proliferation is most often done indirectly, when one walks barefoot in hot and humid places such as swimming pools, changing rooms, saunas, gyms and also in one's own bathroom. The fungus lodges between the toes and then multiplies and spreads to the skin and nails in the case of nail fungus.

  • Athlete's foot is very common in athletes. Wearing sports shoes contributes to the increase in the development of this mycosis.
  • Wearing closed shoes causes a hot and humid environment, especially with the help of perspiration favorable to the development of fungi.
  • A decrease in immune defenses can accelerate the development of this fungus (for example: taking corticosteroids.).

Athlete's foot fungus is not serious, but is very unpleasant and extremely contagious. An untreated infected person can self-infect on other parts of the body. It can also infect other people.

Nail fungus can get worse over time and are contagious. It is important to start treatment as soon as the first signs of infection appear.

The first signs usually start between the 3rd and 4th toe or between the 4th and 5th. It is distinguished by redness , often accompanied by severe itching or even burning. The progression of the yeast infection can cause a crack , which can be painful, and small blisters (vesicles) can become visible.

If left untreated, a yeast infection of the foot can spread to all of the toes. The infection can also reach the top and bottom of the foot, where the soles of the feet become thick and scaly. The toenails can also be affected, thicken, initially whiten, then yellow or even blacken and become friable. The damage can very easily spread to other locations on the skin if handled.

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Our feet are real mushroom nests. Locked up all day in shoes or exposed naked to the environment, they can be affected by yeast infections .
The yeast infection of the feet most often causes a crack and itching between the toes, with small skin peeling off. It can also cause dry feet and water blisters .
Antifungal and / or antimycotic drugs are used topically to eliminate nail or foot fungus .

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