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The sweating of the feet is due to the action of the sweat glands located under the feet. It can become a real daily problem when it is excessive. To fight it, it is necessary to know how it works and the products that limit its abundance.

Called on all day long, often stoic, when the foot cracks, it hurts. So give her a little more attention during your beauty routines. As for bad odors, they could not be more normal: locked up all day in a shoe, the foot responds to the aggressions it suffers by the bias of perspiration. Fortunately there are solutions to take care of the feet.

What is the origin of perspiration?

It is normal to sweat, it is even an essential phenomenon in the body. Fruit of the sweat glands present in the deep layer of the skin, perspiration allows to regulate the temperature of our body to 37 degrees (and, in the case of the foot, of the numerous friction which warms it). 

In addition, it is no coincidence that we sweat easily from the feet, hands, groin, armpits and forehead: the eccrine glands are particularly concentrated there. Linked to the nervous system, they are triggered under the effect of a strong emotion, anxiety, stress or in the event of heat or strong strain on the foot such as during physical activity.

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How to stop sweating on my feet? It seems that 80% of the population sweat their feet. Men and adolescents in particular.
The sweating of the feet can quickly become an ordeal. Fortunately, there are ways to stop it.
To combat these, you will find sanitizing deodorants in spray , cream or powder , antiperspirants for the feet and absorbent and de -perspirant powders to apply in your shoes. You can also sprinkle talcum powder on your feet, known for its absorbent properties. The antiperspirant will stop or reduce sweating and the deodorant will bring a feeling of freshness and control bad odors .

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Locked up all day, the feet can only tire and sweat , sometimes excessively. This sweating is due to the sweat glands present under the soles of the feet. As a result, they become sweaty and emit annoying and unpleasant odors.
If our feet carry us, their strong smell, sometimes, insupports us. But there are ways to feel better.
The deodorant masks bad odors , even prevents their appearance. It may also have antibacterial activity which limits the degradation of sweat by bacteria present on the surface of the skin.
There are many specific deodorants: cream , gel , spray , powder or wipes , choose a format suited to your lifestyle.

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