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What is an organic food supplement?

An ORGANIC food supplement is a product concentrated in vitamins and minerals , which can also be combined with plants and essential oils , from organic farming , with the aim of contributing to the nutritional and/or physiological needs of the body.

It can be declined in different forms, in order to meet the preference of each one. They exist in the form of liquid, capsules, tablets, lozenges, powder….

Organic food supplements are free of chemicals. They are made to be used in addition to a varied and balanced diet and can respond to many health problems: temporary fatigue, digestive disorders, joint pain, stress, lack of sleep.

Why use organic food supplements?

A balanced diet provides our body with all the elements it needs to fully perform its functions.

However, in our Western countries, industrial food is taking an ever-increasing place in our supermarkets and on our plates. We consume far too many sugary and fatty products, and very often the quantity is greater than our real needs.

Also, the quality of the food we eat is essential, both in terms of its production method and its processing. Intensive agriculture, food refining (cereals, oils, sugars, etc.), cooking methods, are all factors that distort the nutritional value of our foods.

Turning to organic food supplements makes it possible to fill the nutritional deficiencies of our body.

An ORGANIC food supplement must bear an ORGANIC label (AB, Ecocert), certified by an approved body:

This ORGANIC certification guarantees the absence of pesticides, as well as the almost non-existent presence of GMOs (different according to the charters), but also the quality and traceability of the food supplement from organic farming intended for sale. Most organic labels now include French provenance, respect for producers' working conditions and support for ecological values as criteria.

Organic natural products are increasingly popular with many people today. Whether it's a food supplement, essential oil or cosmetics, organic products are real allies for well-being. Organic food supplements help strengthen the body and soothe the little ones from daily ailments. Soin et Nature presents here a varied range of organic products for the health and general well-being of the body.

Organic essential oils for better daily comfort

Essential oils are known for their many benefits. They are used in many areas as a dietary supplement or skin and hair care product. Organic essential oils differ from conventional oils. They are most often steam distilled from plants grown according to organic farming standards. Indeed, no pesticides were used during the cultivation of the plants.

From soil to distillation, the entire process takes place without the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, toxic pesticides or GMOs. Organic essential oils are generally used for medicinal purposes for personal care. They can be applied to the face, skin or hair. It is also possible to cook essential oils without fear of chemicals. These natural products contribute better to aromatherapeutic applications. Organic essential oils are also environmentally friendly. We find at Soin et Nature chemotyped essential oils produced in organic farming for different uses.

Care and Nature offers a wide range of essential oils with purifying properties (anti-tobacco, anti-pollution and anti-inflammatory. Olfae Lemongrass from Java is an organic essential oil available on the Care and Nature website. is an ideal product to facilitate sleep in case of stress.This oil can be used in massage to restore joint comfort.Lemongrass essential oil has powerful inflammatory properties.It helps soothe ailments that affect bones, muscles, and nerves.

Organic food supplements for natural care

Food supplements are highly recommended today to fight against various deficiencies. They can be integrated into treatments for certain pathologies. Devoid of synthetic ingredients, organic food supplements are renowned for the many benefits they provide. Indeed, most synthetic ingredients from petrochemicals are harmful to health in the long term.

Organic food supplements are also environmentally friendly. 95 to 100% of the ingredients used in its organic products come from organic farming . Soin et Nature has a varied range of organic food supplements to stimulate the immune system and to improve intellectual and physical performance. The site also offers natural care products for children to fight against the small inconveniences of everyday life.

The food supplement Arkopharma Ginseng BIO 150 capsules is an ideal ally to fight against temporary fatigue. It allows the body to adapt to effort by reducing muscle pain and the feeling of fatigue. Taking this dietary supplement also helps to reduce the level of lactic acid in the blood through the increase in oxygen used by the muscles. Food supplements can also be used in a slimming program.

The organic Santarome food supplement available from Soin et Nature is an excellent ally in weight loss. This product offers a triple action by detoxifying, draining and effectively burning fat. It helps accelerate weight loss. Soin et Nature also offers food supplements to improve blood circulation and breathing.

Organic cosmetics for skin and hair

There are more and more organic cosmetic products in the beauty departments. Today, about 3 out of 4 French women have already used an organic beauty product. Organic cosmetics are very popular for their natural side. These products contain at least 90% natural ingredients . The products are mostly from organic farming. These natural cosmetics are free of extracts of animal origin, except for certain ingredients produced naturally by animals [milk, honey].

Organic cosmetic products are the most recommended for healthy hair and skin. They can be used for facial care. Plus, they don't contain mineral oil, silicones, or irritants. Only a few rare synthetic components can be used after rigorous selection. Unlike conventional products, organic products intended for skin maintenance are less aggressive and do not irritate the skin.

These organic cosmetics provide the skin and hair with natural substances and ingredients to boost their metabolism. Soin et Nature offers a wide variety of cosmetic products for the face, body and hair . We can mention the Cattier Creamy Body Balm 200ml which nourishes dry and very dry skin. This organic product enriched with purple clay and cupuaçu butter restores radiance to the skin. It effectively hydrates the skin and reduces feelings of tightness.

Organic veterinary products for animal care

Soin et Nature offers organic veterinary products for animals . The catalog is made up of essential oils, beer yeast tablets for dogs and cats, antiparasitics and even eye care solutions for cats. The products offered are suitable for treating dogs and cats with veterinary homeopathy .

The site has a wide selection of homeopathic remedies to naturally treat pets and farm animals such as pigs, cows, horses, etc. Cats, for example, are very receptive to these homeopathic veterinary products. These drugs are used to treat various pet pathologies [rheumatism, heart failure, allergies, etc.].

Many breeders and animal owners today opt for homeopathic treatments. This is due to the absence of residues that most products leave in the body. Homeopathy helps to heal in a gentle and effective way without addiction or toxic effect. For people looking for certified organic products with the Ecocert or AB label , the Soin et Nature shop is the ideal address. Visitors will be able to choose from the wide variety of products offered on the site.

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