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What is an organic food supplement?

An organic food supplement is a product concentrated in vitamins and minerals , which can also be associated with plants and essential oils , from organic farming , in order to participate in the nutritional and / or physiological needs of the body.

It can come in different forms, to meet the preference of each. They exist in the form of liquid, capsules, tablets, lozenge, powder….

Organic food supplements are devoid of chemicals. They are made to be used in addition to a varied and balanced diet and can respond to many health problems: transient fatigue, digestive disorders, joint pain, stress, lack of sleep…

Why use organic food supplements?

A balanced diet provides our body with all the elements it needs to fully perform its functions.

However, in our western countries, industrial food is taking an ever increasing place in our supermarkets and our plates. We consume far too many sugary and fatty products, and very often the quantity exceeds our real needs.

Also, the quality of the food we eat is essential, as much by its production method as by its transformation. Intensive agriculture, refining of food (cereals, oils, sugars, etc.), cooking method, are all factors that distort the nutritional value of our food.

Turning to organic food supplements can fill the nutritional deficiencies of our body.

An organic food supplement must imperatively bear an ORGANIC label (AB, Ecocert), certified by an approved body:

This organic certification guarantees the absence of pesticides, as well as the almost non-existent presence of GMOs (different according to the charters), but also the quality and traceability of the food supplement from organic farming intended for sale. Most organic labels now include French origin, respect for producers' working conditions and support for ecological values.

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