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Pharmacy Sport Deodorant

The " deodorant " has become an essential product in modern society, especially among men . We try not only to avoid bad smells but also to avoid halos under the arms and to limit this feeling of humidity and dampness. In spray , ball or stick , men's deodorants ensure optimal effectiveness.

Roll-on deodorant is very popular for its compact and discreet format. Unlike spray deodorant, it's easy to slip into your purse, so it can follow you anywhere. Thanks to its "roll-on" effect, the ball deposits on your armpits a wet and fresh emulsion with a high concentration of active ingredients which dries in just a few seconds. Roll-on deodorant has the advantage of not staining clothes unlike spray deodorant which tends to leave white marks on your clothes.

It is not incorrect to say that sweating is "bad for good". Indeed it has a necessary role for the regulation of our body temperature, it can also be at the origin of unpleasant odors. Fortunately, the deodorants do exist.

The roll-on deodorant is applied to your armpits, thanks to a rotating ball, a wet and cool solution that dries in an instant. Like the stick deodorant, it is preferably applied in the morning after a shower on clean, dry skin to prevent bacterial contamination of the tip through perspiration. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, the roll-on deodorant also has the advantage of not leaving any marks on clothes.

To feel fresh and secure all day long, there is only one solution: impeccable personal hygiene and a little deodorant.

Find a wide selection of deodorants for sports . The best pharmaceutical products to improve your sports performance ...

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