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Discover our new Vichy range exclusively in our organic pharmacy specializing in natural remedies.

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The mineral wealth of Vichy Thermal Spring Water has been used in all VICHY skincare products for 85 years in order to bring you all the benefits of this unique treasure drawn from the depths of nature on a daily basis. It is in the volcanic region of Auvergne that Vichy mineral water originates. Century after century, it infiltrates more and more deeply in the volcanic rocks thus being charged in multiple minerals with powerful and exceptional virtues.

Vichy, the power of mineralizing water

Adored since Antiquity for its soothing, fortifying and regenerating properties for the skin, Vichy spring water is the main ingredient in Vichy laboratories' care. Founded in 1931 by Doctor Haller, then a dermatologist and director of the Vichy spa, Vichy laboratories are today at the origin of many pharmaceutical treatments dedicated to blemish-prone skin. Acquired by L'Oréal in 1965, the brand is distributed today in more than 60 countries.

Vichy supports the beauty of women

There is no inevitability: any skin can be permanently transformed with the right care. This is why Vichy is developing care for the face, body and hair as well as make-up combining cutting-edge active ingredients with Vichy water, recognized as a true beauty water for the body. Vichy relies on scientific research in order to develop products adapted to each type of skin. Thus, the brand is rich in several ranges such as Idealia to restore radiance, Liftactiv for mature skin, Aqualia for skin thirsty for hydration or Normaderm for skin with imperfections. Thanks to its expertise, Vichy is today the world leader in the dermocosmetics market.

Vichy Homme: Men's face care, shaving, men's cosmetics

For men who want healthy skin on a daily basis, Vichy Laboratories offer their Vichy Homme range.

  • Care specifically formulated for men's skin.
  • Immediate efficacy and optimal tolerance, even for sensitive skin.

Vichy offers care specifically formulated for men's skin which ensures immediate effectiveness and optimal tolerance, even for sensitive skin.

Vichy Aqualia thermal to rehydrate the skin

AQUALIA THERMAL light cream is a moisturizer recommended for normal to combination skin. The Vichy Aqualia range has been specially designed to meet the hydration needs of the most sensitive skin. The 1st dynamic hydration range that stimulates water circulation in all areas of the face.

The skin is hydrated millimeter by millimeter for fresh beauty from morning to night. Sensitive skin often has difficulty finding a treatment combining hydration with soothing and anti-irritant active ingredients without the product itself causing them reactions.

Vichy Idealia for the radiance of your Face

The Idealia range from Vichy has been specially developed to meet the needs of skins battered by the pace of life sometimes at odds with our needs: stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, little excess. The skin reflects our deepest state. As you have already noticed, when we are sick our complexion is pale, fatigue can be read in our eyes. It is the same when the skin is exposed every day to stress, pollution, lack of sleep ...

Vichy LiftActiv to treat the aging of your skin

Tired features, dull complexion, deep wrinkles… Over the years, time leaves its mark on the face. Vichy Laboratories have created the LiftActiv range in order to visibly and lastingly correct the signs of aging of all skin types, even sensitive. Vichy LiftActiv anti-aging treatments are real assets for correcting the signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness and tone, dull, uneven complexion, signs of fatigue or even dehydration.

Vichy Neovadiol to Treat Skin Aging During Menopause

Vichy Laboratories have created the Neovadiol range. A major innovation called Cosmetic Substitute which acts on the markers of youth involved in menopause. Vichy Neovadiol anti-aging facial treatments intervene at two levels: at menopause by compensating for the visible signs of menopause on the skin (loss of density, homogeneity and radiance) and after menopause with highly nutritious densifying treatments which restore volume, suppleness and intense comfort to the skin.

Vichy Normaderm anti-blemish care

Formulated by Vichy Laboratories , Normaderm products are intended for adult skin prone to skin imperfections. Their formula aims to transform combination to oily skin to make it more beautiful, stronger and sharper in just 7 days.

Vichy Solaire for the best in sun protection

Solar capital is unique to everyone. This natural ability of the skin to protect and repair itself when exposed to UV rays has been studied at length by Vichy. Whatever its phototype, solar capital will thus be used over time and be impacted by our lifestyle, leaving the skin more or less vulnerable to damage caused by UV rays. Vichy has brought together all the factors likely to influence the natural resistance of the skin and the quality of sun protection under the name Exposome. Our behavior in the sun will thus condition the impact of the Exposome on our solar capital.

Vichy a perfect combination of beauty and expertise

Their secrets :

  • Proven effectiveness

Vichy performs numerous clinical tests every year to prove the effectiveness of their care. These tests are carried out on all types of skin, complexion, age and living conditions, under high dermatological control.

  • Safety for sensitive skin

Vichy rigorously selects its ingredients and formulas to adapt to hypoallergenic skin. All treatments are then tested on sensitive skin.

  • The art of sensoriality

Vichy focuses on tailor-made with textures suited to all tastes: serum, cream, balm, etc., as well as various subtle and delicate scents.

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