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During a cold snap, or after a long day, or an intense workout, there is nothing better than a good hot bath . Daily relaxation means knowing how to allow yourself moments of simple and quick relaxation routine.
When the properties of oils and other bath salts soaked in essential oils mingle with the power of hot water, bath time becomes a real pleasure.

So there is nothing better than to immerse yourself in a good hot water bath to relax . Beyond the relaxation that this moment offers you, did you know that taking a bath is excellent for our health in general ... Here are some proven benefits.

The bath activates blood circulation:
It is a fact that hot water increases blood circulation . This means that the heart beats harder and faster during a relaxing session in a spa or in a hot tub.

It can relieve cold and flu symptoms:
Immerse yourself in your very hot tub because it is a great idea in case of the flu, but do you know why? The water vapor loosens the mucus that has accumulated in your throat, thus reducing the cough it causes. In addition, if you add a foaming product for a flavored bath , the decongestant effect will be felt immediately and will help to relieve symptoms better.

It cleanses the skin:
Nothing better than a good hot bath to thoroughly cleanse your skin. A high temperature allows more effectively to clean the dirt, the particles of dead skin and the excess sebum which lodges on the surface of the skin. Also, hot water also helps in pore dilation, which makes milks and other creams more effective when used after a bath.

It promotes sleep:
Insomnia is your enemy? Taking a bath before going to bed relaxes your body for better sleep. Hot water relaxes the muscles and helps calm the body both physically and mentally. And why not add a few drops of a foaming product to give us a feeling of comfort before falling into the arms of Morpheus?

The bath alleviates headaches:
Hot water has the effect of lowering the pressure in the blood vessels; but most headaches are caused by too much blood pressure. So the math is easy: a hot bath can help relieve headaches.

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