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Much more than a simple hygienic role, cleaning with liquid soap is a moment of well-being and relaxation by participating in the care of our skin, which is why it is essential to choose your liquid hand soap well.

Surgras soaps:

They act in depth. It is to overcome the problem of drying out that there are surgras soaps , rich in superfatting agents. These have the singularity of not being completely eliminated during rinsing: this is how your skin keeps its protective film, which prevents dehydration and sensitization to external aggressions. This hand soap is specially formulated for dry or atopic-prone skin, surgras dermatological soaps offer perfect cleaning as well as high tolerance.

Liquid hand soaps:

Easier to use than traditional bar soap, they are available in a wide range. Adapting to hand or body care, thanks to their wealth of moisturizing agents, liquid soaps are perfect for washing hands and can even replace shower gels .

How do we know which type of soap is right for us?

Because of the multiple of existing soaps, making your choice can seem complicated. However, it suffices to refer to three main criteria: age, skin type and the area of your body concerned.

At each stage of life its soap:

Infants have particularly fragile skin. It is better to use only soaps specially composed for them .

Teenagers often face skin problems. You can then choose a dermatological liquid soap for them , which will help limit the manifestations of acne while ensuring good hydration of the skin. Aleppo soap, which has antiseptic properties which makes it interesting for young skin.

As for mature skin, it needs special care to reduce the effects of aging.

Different types of skin:

Depending on the differences in your skin, you will not choose the same type of soap:

  • dry skin will choose a soap rich in vegetable oils and nourishing ingredients.
  • combination skin can turn to a Marseille soap.
  • oily skin should avoid "stripping" soaps and instead choose surgras soaps or Aleppo soap.
  • sensitive or dehydrated skin will prefer to opt for surgreas soaps rich in softening agents.

A surgras soap for the face:

The face has finer and more sensitive skin, while being the area most exposed to aggression and therefore the most often cleaned. This is why, it is better to opt for an organic surgras soap , which will protect the natural protective film of the skin as much as possible. Surgras soaps for the face respect the pH of the skin and thus prevent dryness.

For hands and body:

For hand washing, the liquid form is convenient and well suited. For the body, it all depends on your sensitivity: liquid soap can be used as a shower gel or soap with neutral pH.

The skin is the first bulwark against external aggressions. Today there is a multitude of cleansing soaps, developed to best respect your skin at all times of your life.

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