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Liquid soap Pharmacy : Find all of our new range of liquid soaps in the Hygiene department of your bio pharmacy online

Indispensable for a good daily hygiene , the shower gels are invited at bath time. So how to choose them and what are their differences?
The range of products has expanded considerably, to the point that some are scented , other moisturizers , exfoliants , exfoliating , toning or softening . In fact, everything depends on the added agents. Toning and relaxing actions for example, are due to perfumes.
Choose the scent of his shower gel the desired effect is not solely of fantasy: the fragrance has a real influence on our eur hum and some liquid soaps are formulated as genuine aromatherapy treatments. The latter consists in using the aromatic extracts of plants , essential oils and essences , which have beneficial effects on the body and the mind . Plants with different effects, the choice of a perfumed shower gel is as it wishes at the moment T.

Find our wide selection of soft and delicately scented shower gels with natural ingredients. In classic format or in family format, you will find the shower gel adapted to your needs and your desires.

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