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Shower oil has invaded our bathrooms in recent years. This new competitor of gels, shower creams and soaps is intended to be highly nourishing.

In comparison with a conventional shower gel, the washing oil is formulated with a higher percentage of oil and a washing base.

We find in these new cleaning products, the same highly nourishing vegetable oils as those of body oils: argan, avocado, sweet almond, coconut, olive, or rice. Unlike silicones, bath oils are rich in fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A and E.

To cleanse our skin while respecting its hydrolipidic film, shower oil is an excellent alternative to traditional hygiene products. In addition to its formula suitable for atopic and sensitive skin , it is also ideal for moisturizing dry skin from external aggressions, summer and winter.

In winter, they provide us with a cocooning and comforting moment in the face of the wind and cold that make our skin tug . In summer, it offers us a moment of well-being while removing chlorine, salt and sand after a day at the beach.

With its unique smoothness, the cleansing oil does not attack the epidermis. This does not prevent it from releasing the skin from accumulated impurities with its rich formulation and its fatty substance.

Protective and soothing care , it is recommended in the event of irritations caused by friction or maceration or in the event of redness at the level of the skin folds.

Very sensitive and atopic skin should turn to shower oils with fragrance-free formulations and with a pH that is not too alkaline (the pH is alkaline above 7). To choose the right bath oil, find a wide selection of protective care in the personal hygiene section of our online organic pharmacy.

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