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The skin is our largest organ and we tend to ignore it. It covers 10% of our entire body, which is equivalent to an area of about two square meters. This is to say if it can be the cause of major problems. Dermatological diseases are numerous and are often very difficult to identify. They can be divided into three distinct groups. Inflammatory skin diseases, such as eczema , psoriasis , hives , are chronic conditions that people learn to treat and for which they consult regularly, especially in the acute phase. These pathologies manifest themselves in different ways on the skin.

Acne, psoriasis and eczema are the most common and well-known skin diseases. They are certainly benign but they also have the reputation of recidivating often, of being "incurable" and of benefiting from tedious treatments to apply. They are particularly unsightly. There are many cosmetics available to treat skin problems .

Adult acne is more common than people think and affects both men and women. In most cases, it follows a so-called juvenile acne. Sometimes it can set in from the age of 25, even if the person has never had significant acne in the past. In recent years, we have noticed that the frequency of acne in adults is growing, and more particularly in women.

Regarding acne in adults, as well as in the juvenile form, three mechanisms are associated and develop at the level of the sebaceous hair follicles (cavities in which the hairs originate) of the face and / or the thorax:

In adults, acne develops chronically, it most often remains discreet, with notable differences depending on sex.

For women, it is mainly located at the bottom of the face and goes down to the neck. The lesions are few, but inflammatory.
In men, the lesions are localized in the back and are therefore less visible.

To explain the occurrence of acne in adults, several hypotheses have been formulated by specialists:

Hormonal disturbances. Hyperandrogenism (excessive secretion of androgenic hormones). Thus an unsuitable estrogen-progestogen contraception can trigger acne. But also stress, adults tolerate this late acne very poorly, which can have significant psychological repercussions, especially in the professional context. Women are more affected than men, this being due to the difference in the location of the lesions. Anxiety disorders, in some cases even going as far as depression, can develop from acne in adults.

Change in temperature, hard water, chlorine, pollution, clothing, cosmetics, sun ... The skin is subjected to numerous external aggressions every day, sources of itching , red patches , dryness . Dermatology is the medicine dedicated to the care of the skin , mucous membranes , nails , hair and body hair . It allows, among other things, to treat acne , eczema , psoriasis , hair loss or even fungal infections .

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