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Impeccable personal hygiene is essential to maintain the body in a state of well-being and thus prevent common infectious pathologies.

Wash one's hands
Washing our hands is a very simple and very important gesture that we tend to do in a rush and very often not doing it correctly. However, it is an important barrier gesture to get rid of bacteria and other viruses.

Here are the different steps for a deep wash, from 40 to 60 seconds.

Wet your hands
Then rub your soap palm to palm and continue to intertwine the fingers
Press the backs of your fingers against the opposite palm, keeping your fingers close together
Rinse your hands thoroughly.
Oral hygiene
Having good oral hygiene not only allows you to display a bright white smile, chew properly and prevent other dental problems: cavities, gingivitis and other problems.

Regular and repetitive oral hygiene reduces the appearance of periodontal disease, but there are still areas that are inaccessible with a simple toothbrush or dental floss. Dental plaque turns into tartar, which can only be treated by the dentist. Going to your dentist at least twice a year is part of the prevention of oral pathologies.

If possible, brush your teeth after each meal.
Use dental floss to remove bacteria that grows between the teeth and cannot be accessed with a toothbrush.
Change your toothbrush every quarter.

Nose hygiene
Often forgotten, the hygiene of the nose must be the subject of special attention. Regularly remove secretions from the nasal cavities to ensure optimal breathing and prevent bacteria from infiltrating your body. You can use a seawater-based lotion. Thanks to its fluidifying effect, it will clean your nose properly.

Ear hygiene
For safe cleaning, avoid using cotton swabs and use hearing sprays.

Ear cleaning is not confined to the interior. The outer part should also be properly washed. Dust and other residues accumulate around the ears and on the pinna and can seep into the ear canal and cause disturbance.

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