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Soap: find our new range of soaps to effectively take care of your body in the beauty department of your online bio pharmacy

With all the fragrances and colors on offer, it's hard not to be seduced!
Unconditional fan of soap , you swear by it for your hygiene ? Great idea, provided you choose a mild soap that is suitable for your skin type . If the surgras soap and the soap without soap have the preference of the dermatos, one should not forget the natural soaps either . Discover our selection and let yourself be transported by their varied shapes and different scents.

Pharmacy Soap: Find all of our new range of soaps in the Hygiene section of your online organic pharmacy

Good body hygiene contributes to a healthy lifestyle and is based on a set of daily steps which aim to maintain the cleanliness of the body , to ensure good health .
Liquid or solid , washing care meets all needs and desires. If their texture is chosen according to the type of skin , their perfumes , invigorating or relaxing, will set the mood tone.
Having beautiful, radiant , healthy skin is everyone's dream. We have selected a series of products to pamper your skin with a beauty ritual without missteps.

Massage pharmacy soap: Find all of our new range of surgras soaps in the Hygiene department of your online organic pharmacy

Do you dream of clean , soft and well- hydrated skin ?
Soft skin in summer and winter is possible thanks to the body scrub , an essential step for the beauty and health of your skin.
The massage soap allows you to find a softer skin free of small dead cells that alter its radiance and to activate the surface circulation by massage .
Every day, it allows you to thoroughly cleanse your skin thanks to its exfoliating properties. So we are making baby skin with a velvet touch right now .
In summer, the scrub is the best ally for beautiful skin : it prepares for tanning and prolongs the tan . To make this ritual a pure moment of pleasure , there is a string of them that is as effective as it is pleasant.

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