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Like you, your eyes are unique. They are an absolute part of your beauty and are infinitely precious. Taking care of it is essential. The eye area, whose skin is fine and delicate, requires special attention and beauty procedures to maintain its radiance. Especially since it is the first area of the face to reveal signs of aging or fatigue.

As we have noticed, the eye area appears sensitive to various beauty issues , in particular puffiness , dark circles , fine lines and dehydration .

Indeed, the skin around the eye being much thinner than that of the rest of the face, it loses its elasticity more easily and also relaxes more quickly than the rest of the skin. It is therefore the ideal area where our first wrinkles, such as crow's feet, come to lodge.

Therefore, adopting a healthy lifestyle with good daily reflexes (beauty routine) and using the right anti-wrinkle care can reallysmooth the contour of your eyes and limit its aging.

We will tell you over and over again, when it comes to taking care of your skin and preserving its youthfulness , hydration is a preponderant element. Since good health starts from the inside, it is therefore essential to drink well every day, 6 to 9 glasses of water.
It is also very important to adopt a healthier diet, even if many people want to eat too sweet or too fatty. You just have to find a balanced diet: include 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and opt for antioxidant foods such as ginger, strawberries, almonds, apple. These will regenerate your cellular tissues which is excellent for maintaining good elasticity of the skin.

Organic, smoothing and / or anti-aging eye contour care ... Discover our new range of eye contour care in your organic pharmacy online.

The eyes represent the most delicate area of the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness or even dark circles, the signs of age and fatigue come straight around the eye. To combat skin aging , it is necessary to take care of the eye area by choosing cosmetic products suitable for this area.

Do you want to reduce crow's feet wrinkles? Reduce signs of fatigue ? Standardize the eye contour? In short, do you want to regain a fresh and luminous look ?
We have prepared a selection of highly effective eye contour treatments for you. In cream, gel, serum or roll'on, cosmetic brands surpass themselves in powerful formulas and smart products that meet our specific needs.

Discover this list of beauty gestures just for our eyes, to refresh the eyes and display a clearly brighter and rested eye area. Find the one that's right for you!

Dark circles, puffiness, crow's feet ... This delicate area of the face exposes a multitude of problems. To curb the damage, we list the six most common mistakes, to be avoided at all costs.

  • Rubbing eyes
  • Clumsy eye makeup removal : The most effective is to place two cotton pads soaked in makeup remover on each eye and leave to act for a few seconds. To get rid of a too persistent mascara, patience and delicacy are essential.
  • Do not use a suitable cream : We prefer specific treatments that activate blood circulation and limit excess water around the eyes.
  • Poorly storing your eye contour treatment : These treatments like cold climates. To increase their efficiency, it is therefore preferable to store them ... in the refrigerator.
  • Apply your eye contour only in the morning : An eye contour treatment is not only used to wake up the eyes, it is mainly used to hydrate deeply.

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