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This is one of the main concerns after wrinkles and sagging skin. We are, indeed, about 62% to curse our pigment spots and to try to erase them.

They would almost make us regret having gone on vacation. Brown spots are mainly solar lentigines, but can also be caused by certain estrogenic intakes (pill, treatments for menopause), medication (antidepressants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, diuretics), pregnancy, or quite simply, they can be linked to natural skin aging . Getting rid of them or just blurring them can take a long time.

If there are several reasons that can explain the development of pigment spots, certain treatments are proving to be formidable to make them the skin.

To prevent the development of pigment spots , dermatologists advise to use a high sun protector and to be less exposed to the sun. But if it is already too late, when it comes to prevention, then you have to think about a treatment that acts in depth to improve the radiance of the skin , while waiting to have an appointment with your dermatologist. .

Anti-dark spot serums are effective in correcting pigment spots . Very rich in active ingredients, serums can act on a particular problem. Used before the day and night cream , they amplify their effectiveness. What to reduce the size as well as the intensity of the tasks. The anti-dark spot cream is ideal for a luminous complexion .

After the serum, concentrated in anti-dark spots , the cream that we use daily aims to unify the complexion and boost the radiance of the skin. A super effective combo if we are patient and regular in care. It usually takes a few weeks to see the first results.

Brown spots, freckles or even pregnancy masks, in order to eliminate these small skin imperfections , there are a multitude of targeted products.

Even with normal, soft and hydrated skin , an enemy lurks on your face: the pigment spot. While some are innate (birthmark, freckle) others can be caused by external or internal factors such as the sun, drug treatments, pregnancy and contraception.
Localized pigment spots and extensive pigment spots can appear at any age regardless of skin type, as sun spots, age spots, dark spots or depigmentation . During pregnancy, it is common to see a pregnancy mask appear on the forehead, temples and cheeks. In all cases, it is essential to protect yourself from the sun.

Anti dark spot face creams help reduce dark spots and restore radiance to your complexion. Some creams limit the appearance of new spots . Whatever the nature of your spot on the skin, do not wait to treat it.

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