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Anti-Wrinkle Care

Find a selection of anti wrinkle products to treat your skin. Effectively fight against facial wrinkles with natural and quality care.

Everyone's dream is to never grow old. However, it is possible to attenuate the marks of aging on the face. Thanks to their active ingredients and their specific formula, anti-aging treatments aim to smooth your wrinkles , reduce your spots and redness. They hydrate the skin and contribute to skin regeneration. Preventive anti-aging care should be adopted from the age of 25, and classic anti-aging care around 35 years old. Today we know that the sun accelerates the aging process, which is why anti-aging treatments with SPF offer double protection: against time and UVB. You will also find serums that concentrate the best anti-aging active ingredients to reduce the effects of years gone by. With the right anti-aging cream, your face can once again glow with youth and vitality .

When your skin changes, it's natural for your routine to change too. Thinner and more sensitive, your mature skin becomes dehydrated more easily than before. Duller, it is prone to redness, and occasionally reveals brown spots . By producing less collagen, you also lose elasticity, and your sagging skin reveals more and more pronounced wrinkles with age.

To preserve your skin as much as possible so that it remains young and toned, you must now turn to treatments based on anti-aging , ultra-nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients to protect your skin, but also to boost the production of its skin. cells.

Never go out without sunscreen, even in winter! Sun protection is a hot topic all year round. By the time you are in your fiftieth, the skin has already been exposed, but that does not mean that it is necessary to stop protecting it, on the contrary. Choose UVA and UVB protection, which is at least with an SPF30 index.

In addition to the favorite anti-wrinkle care , nothing like a healthy lifestyle to delay the onset of the first wrinkles as long as possible. A balanced diet, a little physical exercise and a real night's sleep can make all the difference. Also, don't forget to limit your consumption of tobacco and alcohol.

Wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration : treat your skin against the signs of aging.

Because today's women are in a hurry, active, run in the morning, go out at night and juggle a thousand activities, they want to save time: they need simple, effective and multi-benefit beauty routines for a complete result. !

If fine lines and wrinkles are the tip of the iceberg, they are not the only specificities of mature skin. Understanding skin aging and knowing the signs of aging is important in choosing products that are suitable for your skin type and needs.

There are some simple anti-aging habits you can take every day to stay in shape, have youthful skin and gain years:

  • 1st secret: The scrub.
  • 2nd secret: The moisturizer. Apply a moisturizer every morning as a base for makeup so that it does not dry out your skin.
  • 3rd secret: Choose foods with a low glycemic index. Fill up on healthy-looking foods, in summer and winter! Carrots, red pepper, clementines, spinach, kiwi, melon ...
  • 4th secret: Eye contour care.
  • 5th secret: Anti-wrinkle night care.
  • 6th secret: Drink! You should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to preserve the elasticity of the skin. Skin hydrated from the inside out always looks younger!

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