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Facial hydration: find our new range of pharmaceutical products in the Beauty Hygiene department of your online bio pharmacy

The skin is constantly attacked, it is the bulwark between us and the outside world. Naturally present on the skin, the hydrolipidic film tends to fade over the years, while wrinkles widen their grooves on the skin, and the youth of your face fades away. War is then declared!
Hydration of the skin is the basic gesture to preserve the youth and beauty of the face.
We are constantly told to hydrate our face well. So much so that this gesture is an integral part of our beauty routine . Your skin needs to drink and breathe!
You know it only too well: beautiful skin necessarily requires perfect hygiene and hydration ! However, not all skin types have the same needs. You just need to identify them and find the treatment that will make you shine!

The key to radiant youthful skin is hydration!

Beauty ritual:

Apply your day cream daily

Once a week, exfoliate the face to exfoliate dead cells, refine the skin texture and activate the micro-circulation of the face.

After your exfoliation, apply a mask . It is important to adapt it to your skin type.

  • For dry skin, use a cream mask.
  • For oily skin, opt for a clay mask to absorb excess sebum.
  • For combination skin, you can apply a clay mask on the oily areas of your face, usually the forehead, nose and chin, on the rest apply a cream mask.

So choose the right moisturizer , depending on their needs: dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin ... To avoid having dry skin on the face, the focus is on the right combination of care: Cream day , night cream, mask, serum, balm ! Discover the best treatments from our selection of moisturizers !

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