The tonic lotion has everything a beauty ally to guarantee us beautiful skin all year round. Are you missing out on an essential product?

What is a tonic lotion?

It is a liquid care preparation, composed of water and active ingredients beneficial for the skin such aschamomile , witch hazel , rose or aloe vera .

The lotion is a treatment in its own right. It is neither a makeup remover nor a cleanser. It is used in the evening, after make-up removal, to complete the cleansing of the skin and in the morning, before applying its day cream, to clean the excess sebum produced during the night.

Thus, it differs from micellar water which, for its part, removes make-up and cleanses the face. Thus, you can use both products in the same beauty routine. Micellar water first, and tonic lotion second.

What is a tonic face lotion used for?

As said previously, the tonic lotion makes it possible to complete the make-up removal, which is never superfluous when we know all the damage that can be caused by poorly cleaned make-up dull complexion, pimples, premature aging.

Then, it allows to offer the skin a real boost since it prepares it to receive care. How? 'Or' What ? By making the epidermis permeable. Thus, the creams and other serums applied afterwards will be able to penetrate it well and they will be much more effective.

In addition, the water and the active ingredients contained in the tonic lotion make it possible, in turn, to hydrate, to give radiance to the complexion, to fight against excess sebum, small pimples or even redness. A real treatment in its own right.