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The face mask known for thousands of years is commonly used by many women and men who are keen to take care of their skin. Varied textures and shapes are intriguing and offer a distracting aspect in the use of a mask providing more and more comfort and stunning results for perfect and radiant skin.

The beauty mask is a treatment that allows you to take care of your skin by providing it with all the nutrients it needs to regain skin balance and delay the signs of aging.

A face mask is the treatment that will harmonize all skin types. This specific care can compensate for an imbalance of the skin, such as the wrinkles , loss of firmness, dark circles, pimples, dryness. For this it is necessary to know your skin type to then know how to determine its needs to fill the deficiencies. Indeed, each type of skin requires a care corresponding to this one. Only hydration is their common point, because all skin types need to be hydrated. The subcutaneous cells and glands cannot create water. This hydration will be the essential element to maintain the balance of the hydrolipidic film.

Oily skin will produce too much sebum , it is a fatty substance that provides protection for the epidermal barrier. However, you should know that this overabundance is partly due to a disruption of the sebaceous glands, but also to a possible dehydration. If the skin feels an imbalance and a lack of water, it can only secrete sebum to protect itself. An overproduction of sebum will clog the pores and cause the famous imperfections as well as blackheads, but will not solve the problem of lack of hydration. Conversely, dry skin lacks water and lipids. This is why it is necessary to opt for a mask rich in hydration and nutrition with active ingredients such as glycerin and shea butter which will restore this lack and provide suppleness, elasticity and skin comfort.

Masks are more and more elaborate with varied textures in order to bring a distracting aspect to this moment of relaxation. Indeed, it is possible to find smooth and comfortable cream textures as the frozen night. Others will be made using a fabric soaked in active ingredients, and some will dry out and become a film that must be removed with a gesture, called peel-off masks . These new generation masks are very popular because they blend into the skin and follow the lines of wrinkles and pores for adequate contact and an occlusive effect so that the active ingredients can act in depth.

Irregularities in the complexion, blackheads , pimples. Are you bothered by imperfections in your skin? Cleaning, makeup removal, hydration is the golden rule to maintain your skin and keep it supple and radiant . The Purifying Care rids the skin of impurities without attacking it and restores balance and vitality . It Purifies, rebalances , fights against skin imperfections.

  • Helps to normalize sebaceous secretions
  • Tightens and refines the skin texture
  • Purifies and rebalances
  • Moisturizes and protects

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