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Mattifying care

It is the first enemy of combination to oily skin, shine is not an end in itself. For girls looking for a perfect complexion, there is a solution: mattifying cream .

What is a mattifying cream?

A mattifying cream helps to regulate excess sebum. In other words, it is a treatment for the face which aims to limit shine, ideal for combination to oily skin. The complexion being matified, the skin is smooth and velvety. Generally, these cosmetic products have other properties, besides dullness, to be studied according to the needs of the skin. There are thus mattifying creams that will hydrate the skin, perfect for those who are dehydrated. Others will have a "blur" action to blur dilated pores, the dream of oily skin. However, we do not recommend this type of treatment for dry skin, which normally has little or no shine.

Mattifying cream: how does it work?

There are sebum regulating ingredients such as silica powder, bamboo powder or even tea extracts. Thanks to its composition, the mattifying cream is an excellent make-up base to prevent the foundation from shining. If there is any doubt, everyone is free to add a translucent mattifying powder to set the make-up.

When to apply a mattifying cream?

While some women use a mattifying cream on a daily basis, it is recommended to apply it in extreme cases to prevent the skin from getting too used to it and being overly irritated. Indeed, it happens that mattifying creams suffocate the epidermis and / or cause flaking. It is thus used on every occasion where there is a risk of sweating, as an intensive workout. And as soon as we have an important event where we must be impeccable for several hours, such as a wedding or a party. During the summer season or on vacation in the sun, this treatment is particularly useful. But if you're exposed to UV rays, don't forget to add sunscreen or choose a cream with an SPF.

It's decided: you have declared war with your shiny foreheads, noses and chins. When her skin is combination or oily skin , or quite simply when the weather is hot and you tend to shine , it may be wise to swap your moisturizer for a mattifying treatment . Its mission: to nourish the skin while reducing shine . Goodbye oily sensations, feeling that you only see that when you look at you.
Discover our selection of the best mattifying creams to put an end to shiny skin .

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