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During the day, the skin is subjected to numerous attacks: sun, wind, pollution, air conditioning, cold, dust. Fortunately, it can be protected with a day cream .
The latter is part of the morning beauty routine. Its daily use is of great benefit because it helps protect the skin by allowing it to stay hydrated . This water supply is essential on a daily basis whatever the type of skin. Well hydrated skin is more resistant to external aggressions such as UV rays or pollution, but above all it is more resistant to the marks of time .
The day cream also makes it possible to hold cosmetics better afterwards, such as foundation, powder. It is nevertheless essential to choose a treatment adapted to your skin .

The day cream for the face is a treatment that you apply in the morning after cleansing your skin and before putting on makeup.

The day cream helps to deal with a number of problems recurring on our face:

  • A feeling of tight skin.
  • Global dryness of the skin or on specific areas such as the sides of the nose, the area around the mouth, the chin.
  • Localized irritations (such as a small patch of itch).
  • Wrinkles and fine lines that we want to reduce (or prevent).
  • Unwanted pigmentations (brown spots).

Many women ignore the application of a day cream , before putting on makeup in particular. However, it is the essential gesture to maintain the skin and ensure a perfect application of the foundation . Its primary role is obviously to moisturize the skin after cleansing it, but also to treat any problems (scales, imperfections, redness) that may be encountered thanks to the active agents it contains.

Properly hydrating the skin allows it to act in the heart of the cells and to maintain maximum elasticity. This step is essential to maintain toned, plump, young and luminous skin . As soon as the skin is hydrated and protected, the face can face external attacks more calmly.

Good to know : a day cream is also applied under the chin and in the neck to maintain the elasticity of this area which tends to relax with age.

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