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The night cream acts during our sleep to regenerate the skin. But at what age should you start? How to choose it well?

Maintaining your skin is essential. And since she does not have the same needs during the day and at night, there is specific care. A treatment to add urgently to your beauty routine!
Applying a night cream has many advantages. Often neglected, it is nevertheless essential in order to repair the aggressions that our skin suffers every day.
After a day of being subjected to aggressions from the outside, the skin naturally takes advantage of the night to regenerate itself . The night cream helps the epidermis in this operation by providing it with tailor-made hydration and reducing the traces of the day before. It thus prepares your face to face a new day.

Its main asset is to reformulate a hydrolipidic film of good quality during the night so that the skin remains well hydrated. Most of the time, it also contains vitamin or anti-wrinkle repairing active ingredients to promote skin regeneration, unlike day care which is more made up of protective agents against climatic aggressions and pollution.

Why is the night more conducive to restorative care? It is during the night that the skin is most peaceful. It is neither attacked by climatic variations nor subjected to various perfumes: eau de toilette, cosmetics. During our sleep, the cream has plenty of time to penetrate and act in depth. Indeed, the skin regenerates at night. It recovers from attacks suffered during the day such as the sun, cold, pollution.
Therefore, we must pamper our skin before going to bed so that it has everything it needs at night to "work", ie activate cell renewal.

What is important to understand is that our skin is in "defense" mode during the day. Thus, he needs a protective cream. As for the night, it is in the "repair" phase, hence the need for a night cream bursting with active ingredients which will help it to rehydrate , firm up and repair itself. This explains why night creams are richer in both moisturizing agents and active ingredients because this is the moment when the skin is able to assimilate them.

A night cream, yes, but from what age?

A misconception: night cream = mature skin, 50 years and over. Well no, don't get me wrong.
It is recommended to use a night cream from the age of 30. In fact, you are in your thirties, the skin may need a little support to regenerate itself, so it is best to answer the call with a good night cream . The indicators are easy to identify. If the skin pulls you in the morning, if you feel it dry as soon as you wake up, don't hesitate any longer, it's a cry for help:

Also remember that sleeping well is essential. Lack of sleep is immediately reflected in the skin, its color, its firmness.

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