Phytosun Aroms Essential Oil of Lavandin Abrial Bio 10ml

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LAVANDIN ABRIAL Organic Essential Oil Lavandula hybrida clone abrialis is effective in nervous system disorders (stress, anxiety, muscle contractures ...) and in preventing lice infestation .

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Used for : nervosité, poux

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Lavandin ABRIAL is a natural mixture between True Lavender and Aspic Lavender and is today the most cultivated species because its essential oil yield is better. LAVANDIN ABRIAL Essential Oil comes from the steam distillation of its dried flowers.

There are three types of Lavandin clones. The most cultivated is the grosso clone, with poor qualities. The super clone is the one whose composition most closely resembles officinal Lavender.

Lavandula hybrida clone abrialis
Family: Lamiaceae
op flowers
sb linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor (9%)
Origin: South-east of France

Properties of Lavandin essential oil abrial

Lavandin essential oil has properties:

- Tonic and muscle relaxant

- Anti-inflammatory

- Circulatory tonic

- Cutaneous anti-infective

- Anti-fungal and healing

ABRIAL Lavandin Essential Oil is very effective in cases of stress, anxiety and nervousness: it promotes sleep, relaxes muscles in case of stiff necks, contractures or cramps. It is also an excellent anti-spasmodic in pain due to menstruation. Finally, it helps to preserve the hair from the invasion of lice.

Indications of Lavandin essential oil abrial

ABRIAL Lavandin Essential Oil works wonders on stressful states and has a repellent effect on lice.

Tips for using Lavandin essential oil abrial

Oral route: * Through the skin: *** Diffusion: *

Lice Prevention: Mix 2 drops in your shampoo and wash as usual. Leave on for 2 minutes before rinsing (do 2 days in a row for better efficiency).
Oral route (nervousness): In adults, 1 drop on a neutral tablet 3 times a day (7 days).

In children over 12 years old, 1 drop twice a day (7 days).
Cutaneous use: Mix 2 drops with 5 drops of vegetable oil and massage 3 times a day.

Use only 2 drops in children over 12 years old.

Sports preparation, cramps, muscle pain : a few drops in friction, in combination with Rosemary sb 1.8 cineole.

Circulatory tonic: associated with essential oil of Cypress.

Cuts, wounds: 1 drop + 1 drop of essential oil of Cistus in local application.

Muscle cramps (adults)
1 drop of Lavandin abrial + 1 drop of Clove nails + 1 drop of Laurel noble, 3 drops of this mixture in local friction.

Muscle warm-up (adults)
3 to 5 drops of Lavandin abrial + 2 drops of Macadamia Vegetable Oil in friction of the muscles.

Precautions for the essential oil of Lavandin abrial

- Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women

- Do not use in high doses, nor for a prolonged period (risk of neurotoxicity)

- Not recommended for children under 12

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