Phytosun Aroms Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil

Phytosun Aroms Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil

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Helichrysum Essential Oil has an anticoagulant, antihematoma, healing and hepatopancreatic stimulating action.

Why use Phytosun Aroms Huile Essentielle d'Hélichryse Bio?

Discover the extraordinary properties of Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil from Phytosun Aroms, a precious and powerful essence for your well-being and beauty. Immortelle provides an exceptional, superb, rare and precious essential oil... To try it is to adopt it, such is its rapid and surprising effectiveness. For the skeptical, it is proof of the remarkable action of aromatherapy. It's the natural, plant-based product with the most powerful anti-hematoma activity. A must-have in the family kit, it works miracles.

Organic Helichrysum essential oil from Phytosun Aroms is a true gem of nature. Discover the exceptional properties of this organic essential oil, renowned for its health and beauty benefits. Helichrysum Essential Oil, also known as Immortelle, is renowned for its anti-hematoma, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is a must for rapid relief of bruises and bumps, and is also appreciated for its beneficial action on blood circulation. Its anti-aging virtues make it a precious ally for the skin, helping to combat the signs of aging and restore radiance to the complexion.

Italian Helichrysum essential oil has anticoagulant and antiphlebitic properties. It has powerful anti-hematoma activity (superior to arnica). It is a healing, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory agent. This oil is also anti-catarrhal and mucolytic.

Helichrysum, also known as Immortelle, is a Mediterranean plant renowned for its many virtues:

  • Anti-haematoma: helps absorb bruises and ecchymosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory: soothes skin and joint inflammation.
  • Healing: Stimulates cell regeneration and accelerates healing.
  • Anti-wrinkle: It is used in cosmetics for its anti-aging properties.
  • Soothing: Its delicate fragrance promotes relaxation.

Helichrysum essential oil is used in the following therapeutic indications:

  • External hematomas, phlebitis and paraphlebitis
  • Ecchymosis, edema, varicose veins, rosacea
  • Bronchitis, nasopharyngitis
  • Rheumatism, arthritis, polyarthritis
  • Liver disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, hypercholesterolemia
  • Ringing in the ears (accouphènes)

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How to use this essential oil

Helichrysum essential oil is powerful and highly effective, but it is also relatively toxic. Use externally only for short periods (3 to 7 days, followed by a 7-day break).

This essential oil can be used in a variety of ways: as a local application diluted in a vegetable oil to relieve blows, as an inhalation to take advantage of its respiratory benefits, or added to your day cream to take advantage of its anti-aging properties. It is important to follow the recommendations for use and to carry out a skin test before application.

Here are a few suggestions for using Phytosun Aroms Organic Helichrysum essential oil:

  • Massage: Dilute a few drops in a vegetable oil to massage painful areas or for an anti-aging massage.
  • Skin care: Add a few drops to your moisturizer for regenerated skin.
  • Diffusion: Use an essential oil diffuser to purify the air and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Action on an external hematoma: dilute 7% Italian helichrysum essential oil in arnica vegetable oil. Apply to the cut.

Precautions for use of Helichrysum essential oil

  • Not for internal or prolonged use, as it is neurotoxic.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
  • Not recommended for children
  • Not recommended for people taking anticoagulants.
  • Not recommended for people allergic to Asteraceae
  • Not recommended for asthmatics without the advice of an allergist
  • Not recommended for people with epilepsy
  • Do not disperse

What does it contain?

Helichrysum angustifolium
o.p. aerial flowering parts
s.b. curcumens, diones
Origin: Corsica

Discover the benefits of Helichrysum Bio essential oil from Phytosun Aroms. Use it for massage, skin care or diffusion to soothe aches and pains, accelerate healing and enjoy regenerated skin.

Quality and Commitment of Phytosun Aroms

Phytosun Aroms is a renowned brand in the field of aromatherapy. Their organic Helichrysum essential oil is certified organic, a guarantee of quality and purity.

  • Organic certification: This essential oil is organically grown, guaranteeing the absence of pesticides and chemicals.
  • Rigorous controls: Phytosun Aroms carries out strict quality controls to offer you an exceptional essential oil.

Organic and ethical quality

Phytosun Aroms is committed to offering products of exceptional quality, in harmony with nature. Helichrysum Essential Oil is certified organic, guaranteeing optimal purity and efficacy. It is organically grown, respecting the environment and ecosystems.

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