Essential oils and perspiration 

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Sweating is a very effective way for our body to regulate its internal temperature. The sweat centers, located in the lumbar spinal cord, with a dominant center in the medulla oblongata, provide this regulatory function by acting on the sweat glands. There is also a thermoregulatory center which completes this action and which is located in the hypothalamus.

We find in the dermis :

  • Sweat glands (including apocrine glands * and eccrine glands **)

They are responsible for eliminating waste through sweat at the rate of 1L per day.

  • The sebaceous glands

They produce sebum; a greasy and toxic substance whose purpose is to waterproof the skin, protect it from microbes and prevent it from drying out.

* the apocrine glands are located under the armpits, in the genital, anal and umbilical areas. They produce a sweat for sexual purposes.

** the eccrine glands are located throughout the rest of the body, they produce elimination sweat.

The excessive production of sweat is called hyperhydrosis . Excessive sweating, due to heat, but also to emotions and food (spices, coffee, chocolate, etc.), often gives off very unpleasant odors. Hyperhydrosis is an excessive production of sweat, localized in the armpits or the ends of the hands and feet.! It is due to a dysfunction of the sweat glands , which produce sweat, without a found cause. It causes a real gene in everyday life.

Sweating is a normal physiological process which becomes pathological when sweating is important (up to 1 liter of water per hour for a day). This excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be a socio-professional handicap (permanently sweaty hands, sweat beading on the forehead, halos on shirts, dresses or T-shirts). Either way, it's important to drink plenty of water in order to limit the dehydration caused by hyperhidrosis.

For more information on how to limit excessive sweating with essential oils , do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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