Organic essential oil Rosemary camphor PRANAROM 10ml

Organic essential oil Rosemary camphor PRANAROM 10ml

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Rosemary camphor essential oil - Rosmarinus officinalis - ct camphor- ORGANIC

What is Pranarom Rosemary Camphor Organic Essential Oil 10ml used for?

Rosemary Camphor essential oil is a natural treasure, recognized for its many beneficial properties for body and mind. It is a powerful neuromuscular agent that acts as a relaxant, offering effective relief from muscular and nervous tension. As a tonicardiac and hypotensive, it helps regulate blood pressure and strengthen the heart. This essential oil is also appreciated for its venous decongestant action, helping to reduce the sensation of heavy legs and improve blood circulation.

In addition to these effects, Rosemary camphor essential oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory virtues, making it effective in the treatment of joint and muscle pain. It is also recognized for its anti-catarrhal and expectorant properties, facilitating breathing in cases of respiratory tract congestion. Its mucolytic action helps to thin mucus, while its lipolytic effect supports the breakdown of fats, which can be an asset as part of a weight management program.

The urolytic analgesic properties of this essential oil make it useful for the relief of certain urinary disorders, while its non-hormonal emmenagogue character can help regulate the menstrual cycle. What's more, its external anti-inflammatory action makes it invaluable for soothing irritated or inflamed skin.

Finally, Rosemary camphor essential oil is a powerful liver regulator, supporting liver function and digestion. Its choleretic and cholagogic effects stimulate the production and excretion of bile, helping to digest fats. It also has a cortison-like action, offering support in situations of stress or fatigue. Its antioxidant effect protects cells against oxidative damage, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Rosemary camphor essential oil is a precious ally in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Thanks to its broad spectrum of action, it meets a variety of needs, offering relief and well-being on a daily basis. Regular use can help improve quality of life in a natural and effective way.

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How to use Pranarom Organic Rosemary Camphor Essential Oil 10ml?

Rosemary Camphor essential oil must be used with care to benefit fully from its virtues while minimizing risks. For cutaneous application, we recommend diluting this essential oil in a vegetable oil before applying to the skin, to prevent any irritation.

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Precautions for use

  • Risk of neurotoxicity at high doses (may induce convulsions, nausea and vomiting).
  • Contraindicated in people with epilepsy or a history of convulsions
  • Hypertensive in medium doses
  • Do not diffuse, inhale or add to bath water
  • Do not swallow! ESCOP advises against using this essential oil orally
  • Forbidden for internal use
  • Recommended for cutaneous use only
  • Not recommended for pregnant (abortive) or breast-feeding women
  • Do not use in combination with cortisone, as there is a risk of drug interaction.
  • Do not use for prolonged periods, as this may lead to resting of the pituitary-adrenal axis and acute adrenal insufficiency when E.O. is discontinued.
  • Avoid applying essential oil in the evening (or before any period of rest).
  • Not recommended for people suffering fromosteoporosis, due to the inherent risk of decalcification
  • Dermocaustic; revulsive action on the skin in its pure state and aggressive to mucous membranes (redness, irritation, pruritus).
  • Enzyme inhibitor, risk of drug interactions, ask your pharmacist for advice
  • Not recommended for asthmatics
  • For adults only! The EMA reserves the use of rosemary essential oil for people over 18 years of age.
  • Caution for people with autoimmune diseases, the elderly, Parkinson's sufferers and neurosensitives.
  • Drug interactions with essential oils containing more than 10% sesquiterpenes

What is its composition?

Pranarom Rosemary Camphor organic essential oil is composed of aromatic molecules carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. Main components include :

  • Camphor
  • 1,8 cineole
  • Monoterpenes

These compounds give Rosemary Camphor essential oil its unique characteristics, making it effective for a variety of therapeutic applications. The distilled part of the plant is the flowering top, guaranteeing a high concentration of active ingredients.


Pranarom Organic Rosemary Camphor Essential Oil 10ml is organically grown and certified by Certisys-BE1, ensuring exceptional quality and purity. Compliance with organic standards guarantees the absence of pesticides and chemicals, preserving all the essential oil's natural properties.

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