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Are you looking for essential, organic , natural and cheap oils in your organic pharmacy specializing in aromatherapy? Discover our new range of phyotsun aroms products. Essential oils, vegetable oils , diffusers, replacement capsules or Phytosun Aroms nasal spray ... Find here your Phytosun Aroms product adapted to each of your needs.

Phytosun arôms Your expert in aromatherapy

Phytosun Arôms develops Essential Oils EOBBD quality (Essential Oils Botanically and biochemically defined), vegetable oils and Hydrolats Aromatic. This guarantee of quality and safety, recognized by pharmacists and doctors, positions Phytosun arôms as a leader in the sector.

Phytosun arôms is one of the brands of Omega Pharma France laboratories. Phytosun arôms provides all the guarantees of traceability of a pharmaceutical laboratory in the field of natural substances extracted from plants. Phytosun arôms products are subject to very strict pharmaceutical controls and are exclusively distributed in pharmacies and parapharmacy.

Phytosun arôms selects serious and competent producers in the production of Essential Oils all over the world.

It is thanks to its experience and the diversity of its supplies that Phytosun arôms can guarantee you the best quality for each of its Essential Oils .

Phytosun arôms products are manufactured on a pharmaceutical quality production site (controlled by ANSM, National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) applying Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Phytosun arôms is ECOCERT certified (on its organic Essential Oils ) which guarantees rigorous compliance with the specifications applicable to products from organic farming.

PHYTOSUN arôms offers, thanks to its know-how acquired for over 30 years, a range of rigorously selected Essential Oils , concentrating the active ingredients naturally present in plants.

Phytosun arôms essential oils, a very well defined quality path

Step 1: Sending specifications to our suppliers
The specifications define what we want the Essential Oil to contain in terms of active molecules to guarantee its effectiveness. Our Essential Oils must be extracted only by steam distillation or by cold expression.

Step 2: Receipt of samples
The keg is received and quarantined until the batch is validated.

Step 3: Lot analysis
All PHYTOSUN arôms Essential Oils batches undergo 3 types of analysis: organoleptic analyzes, physico-chemical analyzes and advanced chemical analyzes.
These tests are applied to all the Essential Oils that make up all of our products: whether they are finished products, unitary essential oils, diffusion complexes.
These analyzes make it possible to check the conformity of the Essential Oil and to determine whether the quality criteria are respected.

a) Organoleptic tests
The appearance, smell and color of each oil is controlled. Each Oil has its own characteristics.

b) Physico-chemical analyzes
These analyzes are numerous. We can cite by way of example: density, refractive index and rotatory power.

c) Advanced chemical analyzes: chromatographic analyzes

This is the most important analysis. That which makes it possible to determine the quality of each constituent of the Essential Oil . An Oil can be made up of hundreds of different components.

We carry out two gas chromatographies. The two analyzes are complementary.

  • Analysis by gas chromatography coupled with a mass spectrophotometer (GC / MS) which makes it possible to separate the components and identify them.
  • Analysis by gas chromatography coupled with a flame ionization detector (CG / FID) which makes it possible to separate the components and to quantify them.

Once the analyzes have been carried out, the batch is either released, if the quality requirements are met (see step 4), or refused and returned to the supplier.

Step 4: Compliance with standards
PHYTOSUN arôms undertakes to comply with the HEBBD (Botanically and Biochemically Modified Essential Oil) quality requirements, of the French and / or European Pharmacopoeia and of internal standards.

The HEBBD criteria involve:

  • Choice of origins, quality of the botanical species and selection of the plant's producing organ.
  • Quality of the extraction methods used: steam distillation or cold expression.
  • Control of the identity and quality of the Essential Oil by analysis: gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.
  • Guarantee of a 100% pure and natural Essential Oil: not modified or diluted, not deterpenated or rectified, not reconstituted.

Step 5: Packaging
Our factory specializing in organic essential oils Phytosun Aroms is located in Brittany, more precisely in Plélo. The French authorities control our manufacturing process to ensure that we meet quality standards.

Step 6: Post-production control
A final check is carried out by the laboratory before placing on the market.

PHYTOSUN arôms indicates on each of its cases a maximum of information guaranteeing the quality of its Essential Oils:

  • The exact botanical species : in Latin, to avoid multiple and dangerous confusions due to common names varying from one country to another.
  • The producing organ (op): leaves, twigs, flowering aerial parts, bark, roots, wood, seeds, flowers.
  • Biochemical specificity (sb): mention of the characteristic constituents of each Essential Oil, signature of a specific origin or terroir of the aromatic plant.
  • The lot

Phytosun Aroms, n ° 1 in essential oils in France, offers a wide range of high quality aromatherapy products.

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